How wide is the shaft?




Laughs at Darkness appeared to Sally and said I can open a portal to Devil’s tower because the veil between worlds is thin here and there. I will be very drained however."
“Why am I just hearing you could do that?” asked Sally.
Laughs opened a portal. The posse led their horses through it and came out near a latrine. Seeing a Chinese man mid defecation they ran up and grabbed him covering his mouth.
“What is going on here?” asked Sally.
“We’re guarding the entrance.” said the man.
“Who do you work for?” asked Moira.
“I work for Kang. He punishes people who mess up by sending them here.” said the man.
“King sent us here to go in.” said Sally.
“Ok. You’ll have to talk to Joey and Minnie. They’re in charge.” said Sally.
The man led them to a camp surrounded by barbed wire near a gate in the side of the mesa. Sally strode into Joey’s tent as he was hastily putting on pants. Minnie threw a sheet over herself.
“King sent us to talk to the guy in charge in there.” said Sally.
“Uh ok.” said Joey.
The posse walked to the door with Joey walking after them.
“Did he say…?” asked Joey.
“Where’s the key?” asked Sally walking up to the door.
“Here.” said Joey unlocking the door.
“It’s barred from the other side.” said Joey.
James took a bar and put it between the gates and lifted the bar dropping it with a bang.
The posse went inside and walking down a passage way saw purple skinned natives with strange faces.
“What are you?” asked Sally pulling out the diamond.
The natives attacked and were gunned down by the posse.
The posse ran deeper into the mesa hearing running feet down side passages. Coming to a large cave with a large metal ring sitting up on it’s side on a metal base. around the room were crates of weapons. The view through the ring was of a blasted modern landscape. A large shaft rose up through the mesa above the gate. A ten foot tall cyborg came through the ring.
“What are you?” asked Sally.
“I am an officer of the US police force. I uphold the law.” said the cyborg.
“What law?” asked Sally.
The cyborg began to list them off.
Anouks, the purple aliens, ran up behind the posse and James gunned them down. Anouk began to our through the other tunnels. The cyborg opened fire and Bai punched his chest in crushing it. Moira opened fire on the Anouks. Soldiers prepared to rush through the gate and Bai touched a button on the base and the scene changed to a column of water rushing out dumping a Big Daddy TM. Bad pressed the button again and they saw an Island (Columbia) floating in the sky. A woman in a jumpsuit with a shaved head floated down from the ceiling. Moira felt a head ache and shot the woman out of the air. She fell with a crash and Bai punched her smashing her head to a bloody pulp. Sally pressed a button and a car on the freeway flew through the gate and crashed into the wall bursting into flames. Sally pressed the button again and the scene turned to fog.
The Anouks grabbed weapons out of the crates. The posse opened fire and Bai punched several of them to death. A man floated down the shaft and Moira shot him and he fell to the ground. Bad punched him to death. In the quiet of the aftermath James jumped into the fog.
“Where are you going?” asked Sally.
“I’ll be fine.” said James.
The posse fiddled with the gate until they found a volcano surrounded by people wearing feathers chanting at the lip.
“Hi.” said Sally.
Bad through her diamond into the volcano.
Moira poured rusting solution onto the gate and smashed something inside the gate.
They went up through the floors noting living quarters, an indoor garden, and then a room with chairs and a large flat glass screen. Sally touched the screen with her platypus. The screen lit up.
“Please give voice command.” said the computer.
The posse talked with the computer reviewing all it’s data. They found logs that told the story of how aliens called the Craighan were destroyed by the Anouks on another planet. Most of their souls ended up in the diamond the posse had been carrying. Some of the Craighan avoided the diamond and haunted the Anouks. A few possessed humans (in the future of this timeline) and found a portal that brought them back in time. Looking through the camera logs they saw old Stone AKA Pete come through and they saw that he was back outside burning down Kangs tents.

Until Next time Pardner…

Romancing the Stone
Can I speak to your manager?




Sally talked to Laughs at Darkness while Moira went off to pray.
“Laughs, what are our options for taking care of this diamond?” asked Sally.
“There is a ritual to severe the diamond but it is very dangerous. You can then hide the pieces.” said Laughs.
“Where can I do the ritual?” asked Sally.
“You could do it at any sacred site. They are places where the veil between the hunting grounds and the Earth is thin.” said Laughs.
“Could we do it here?” asked Sally.
“Yes.” said Laughs.
“Why can’t we just destroy it? Can I get a different spirit guide? Are you a trainee?” asked Sally.
“You can find a new guide if you wish.” said Laughs.

Moira prayed to Raziel.
“Raziel. Is there any other way that we can deal with this diamond?” asked Moira.
“You can perform an exorcism, it won’t make the demons leave the diamond but it can separate the diamond into separate parts.” said Raziel.
“Where can we do this?” asked Moira.
“Any sanctified land. The church here is defiled.” said Raziel.
“Can Sally help me sanctify the church here?” asked Moira.
“No. She walks a different path.” said Raziel.
“Thank you..” said Moira.
“Bless you child.” said Raziel.
Moira asked Michael to help her go to the general store for supplies.
“Michael, What do you see your future going?” asked Moira.
“I want to protect you. This diamond business is bound to be dangerous.” said Michael.
“What happens if you die?” asked Moira.
“I’ll repent, I’m Catholic.” said Michael.
“Raziel says you’ll go to hell.” said Moira.
“What about Purgatory?” asked Michael.
“Can you risk it?” asked Moira.
“We’ll see each other again some day.” said Michael.
“I can’t bear the thought of you going to Eternal damnation.” said Moira.
“Well after this business is done I’ll make my peace with God.” said Michael.

The posse went up the hill to Where Tacheene stood. Sally began the ritual. She sang and danced on the the cliff face. A rent in the fabric of space opened glowing. A grey skinned man that was half metal. The cyborg raised his futuristic weapon and the pose opened fire sending him off the cliff.
Waves of cyborg zombies came through the portal. The posse opened fire on them and they fired back. The rent in space continued to widen as Sally sang and chanted. James fanning the hammer throwing all the lead in his gun grazed Rupert. Rupert glared at James throwing a cyborg off the cliff. Bai hopped up to a couple cyborgs and punched and kicked them off the cliff.
The diamond glowed from it’s place in her pantaloons. Splitting into four it burst forth from her dress and each piece floated to a posse member. The portal wobbled and slammed shut leaving severed limbs behind.
Sally sagged sweating.

Till next time Parder…

3 experience

Make a wish




Moira whipped her head around drawing her guns and stared at a heat shimmer. It was the vague outline of a man. She threw sand watching it bounce off of nothing. Bai ran in to see what was going on and Moira turned back to the humanoid and it was gone. They heard a clicking from further away.
The posse set up a watch and went back to sleep. They woke up and while Moira was taking her daily constitutional away from the group Sally asked
“Michael what do your bits look like? Can you make demon babies?” asked Sally.
“What? Nae.” said Michael.
“Have you tried?” asked Sally.
“I have nae.” said Michael.
“Then you don’t know if you can or not.” said Sally gesturing at Rupert.
Rupert ran up behind Michael and pulled down his pants. Michael’s bits were shriveled and somewhat leprous.
walked more. Crossing into Nevada near Fort 51 they saw a plume of black smoke. Then they saw three dust plumes coming from that way. There were steam war wagons at the heart of the plumes. Sally turned into a hawk and flew over the wagons. She saw they were manned by Union soldiers.behind them she saw a smoking aerodynamic metal ship of some sort half buried in the dirt.
She flew back and reported to the group.
“There’s some sort of crashed metal ship back there.”
The union soldiers pulled up and the captain approached the group.
“Have you seen anything strange lately?” asked the captain.
“We saw an invisible lizard that made goat noises.” said Sally.
“Where did you see this?” asked the captain.
Sally gave them detailed directions. An hour later the posse saw and heard a terrible battle punctuated with flashes of light just over the horizon. Getting to a train station they waited for a train. They rented to rooms on the train and settled in for the night.
“Moira. I saw Michael’s parts and you should not take him back to your marriage bed.” said Sally.
“I was just leaving.” said James.
“I had no intention…wait what?” asked Moira.
“Well I wanted to make sure he couldn’t make demon babies and his plumming looks diseased.” said Sally.
“I uh….I’m Catholic.” said Moira.
“I’m just saying.” said Sally.


In the morning Moira sought out a a ginger Catholic priest she had seen while boarding.
“Good morning father.” said Moira.
“Sup padre.” said Sally.
“I was wondering if you knew anything about the walking dead?” asked Moira.
“I’ve performed some exorcisms on demons but I have not observed the walking dead.” said Father McDonough.
“How would you lay one to rest and would it’s soul go to Heaven?” asked Moira.
“I would think that if it repent it would. Then you would need to perform an exorcism, and a proper burial on consecrated ground.” said The Father.
“Do you know of anyone who would have experience in this matter?” asked Moira.
“Father Thomas O’Leary in Des Moines Iowa.” said The father.
“Thank you father.” said Moira.
“Do you have anything I could put in my pants?” asked Sally.
“She was dropped on her head as a child.” said Moira.
“The body of Christ.” said The Father handing her a wafer.


They exited the train near Coffin rock and went into town slogging through the snow drifts. Pearl was in the Marshal’s office.
“You’re the Marshall now?” asked Sally.
“And the mayor. You killed most of the town last time you were here not that they didn’t need it.” said Pearl.
“We need some warm clothes for this little one.” said Moira.
Bai pulled the panther skin she wore tighter around herself her teeth chattering.
“Sure. You’re money is no good here.” said Pearl gesturing to her deputy.
“I like the sound of that.” said Sally.
“What brings you here?” asked Pearl.
“We’re just passing through.” said Moira.

The posse went up into the foothills slogging through the snow up to the Great Tree Spirt Tacheene. They heard wooden wind chimes before seeing the tree.
“Who tied these?” asked Sally.
“The Crows.” said Tacheene.
“Tacheene do you have lady parts and can we stick this diamond in you?” asked Sally.
“It’s pure evil.” said Tacheene.
“How do you know?” asked Sally.
“I can feel it.” said Tacheene.
“We want to destroy it but laughs at Darkness said to throw it into the future and that seems dumb.” said Sally.
“Laughs is very wise.” said Tacheene.
“Can you hide it?” asked Sally.
“I could try. You could bury it in my roots.” said Tacheene.
“Naw. You got defeated by a preacher and a demon baby. What was I thinking?” asked Sally.
“We could take it to the Pope. he has an army.” said Moira.
“No. He’d probably just use it to molest little boys or something.” said Sally.
“Sally. the Church would know what to do with the diamond.” said Moira.
“I could find the Shaman that showed me the old ways.” said Sally.
They walked back to town debating what to do with the diamond.

The posse stayed the night at The Cry A River hotel. That night they each awoke to the same dream. A figured stood at the window backlit by moonlight. They each were in their own separate dream but when they spoke the shadow spoke to each of them at once.
“I can make your wildest wish come true if you use the diamond.” it said.
“Who are you?” asked Moira.
“They called us the Old Ones.” it said.
“Fuck off.” said Sally.
“How do I do that?” it asked.
“Well bend over and I’ll show you.” said Sally.
“I can bring back your husband.” it said.
“No.” said Moira.
“I don’t have a husband. Who are you talking to?” asked Sally.
“I can show you how to use your pendant.” it said.
“How do you know about that? Are you the ghost of the woman who killed her husband? Or the husbands ghost?” asked Bai.
“I don’t have a pendant.” said Moira.
“I could bring you back from the dead….Just a ritual and a blood sacrifice.” it said.
“No. I’m still Catholic. Mostly.” said Michael.
“Just use the diamond.” it said.
“No!” they chorused waking up.


Till Next time Pardner.

3 experience

Want Some Candy?




The Posse went to their hotel to get a drink and some rest.
“What do we do with…?” asked Moira gesturing with her head.
“I don’t know. I just miss Otis.” said Sally.
“We all do. Bai lost her father.” said Moira.
Sally wailed “You didn’t even know Otis.” to Bai.
“You don’t know my pain.” she sobbed walking away.
Sally went to Otis’ horse and went through his saddle bags.
She brought them back to the group and opened them.
“There’s a box of cigars with a note for Rupert.” said Sally crying.
“A letter.” said Sally handing it to Moira.
Moira read the letter.
“I leave all my possessions to Moira. Talk to my lawyer. You’ve been like a Daughter to me.” said Moira.
“What about me?” asked Sally crying.
“There there.” said Moira.
“We had a bond. He was like a father to me.” said Sally.
“How did my father die?” asked Bai.
“He did a brave thing. He blew up a great evil but the blast consumed him.” said Moira.
Sally stumbled off to bed and the posse followed.


The posse sat in the main room having breakfast.
“What should we do with the diamond?” asked Sally.
“Take it to Hellstromme for the $2000.” said Moira.
“We can’t trust him.” said Sally.
“What else can we do with it?” asked Moira.
“We could bury it under that tree in Coffin Rock.” said Sally.
“What does your spirit friend say about that?” asked Moira.
“Laughs? Laughs? You there?” asked Sally."
Laughs at Darkness appeared to Sally.
“What should we do with the diamond?” asked Sally.
“Take it to The Devil’s Tower. There is a portal there that leads to the future. Put it through and close the portal.” said Laughs.
“Wouldn’t that just put the problem off on other people. Can’t we throw it in a volcano or in the ocean?” asked Sally.
“The diamond calls to men. They will find it someday no matter where you put it. It can not be destroyed.” said Laughs.
“Are you sure about that? What will happen to the future if they get the diamond?” asked Sally.
“The future is already a dead land.” said Laughs.
“Oh no. What year?” asked Sally.
Laughs faded away.
“Michael. Didn’t Stone want to take the Diamond to the Devil’s tower?” asked Sally.
“he did. Said the veil was thin there between our world and the Hunting Grounds. That he could widen the hole and let things in. They feed on fear.” said Michael.
“We can’t take the diamond there Stone will get it.” said Moira.
“We have to escape LA.” said Sally.
The posse left for the train station but before reaching it they saw a group with badges putting up wanted posters with vague likenesses of them.
“No one saw me take that shot in the church.” said Sally.
“Maybe they saw you pluck out a woman’s eyes in the street and turn from a bird into a human?” asked Moira.
“But how do they even know I was at the church?” asked Sally.
“Maybe they saw us and put two and two together?” asked Moira.
“They don’t have a picture of Michael.” said Sally.
“He laid low at the church.” said Moira.
“Yeah. You were no help. She’s going to kill you you know.” said Sally.
“What? Moira. I know Sally stretches the truth a bit.” said Michael.
Moira shook her head and gave Sally a look.
“I do not. When have I ever? Are you evil Michael? I mean you came back from the dead that’s a bad sign.” said Sally.
“I don’t feel evil.” said Michael.
The posse put on disguises. Sally put on one of Otis’ suits and a fake mustache. Moira tucked her red hair under a bonnet and kept her head down, and James put his hair in corn rows to hide his afro. They rode out of town into the cold night air of the desert. They rode till morning and then set up camp at dawn.


During Sally’s watch she heard some organic clicking noises and then someone with a gravelly voice said “Want some candy?” from a rock formation.
Sally sat for an hour until James woke up.
“James I heard something from that rock.” said Sally.
“Are you sure?” asked James.
“I heard something.” said Sally.
Moira woke up and asked “What’s going on?”
“What the hell are you?” she heard from directly behind her.
Moira whipped around seeing only a heat shimmer.

See Y’all Next time Pardner

3 experience

Buy? No Bai
Ding Dong The B*tch is dead


Flash Back to 11/09/18

The posse parked their horses at a a stable while they thought Old Pete stayed with Calvin at the submarine.
“I got to take a leak.” said Old Pete getting out.
“Oh Ok. You should hurry back.” said Calvin.
Old Pete walked a few steps and then sunk into the ground. Flying faster than he could walk he popped up in a nearby warehouse.
“Ah! You scared me half to death. I hate when you do that.” said Henrietta.
“We’re headed to the Prison soon. They’ll want to head to stop the ritual and then I suggested we come here after.” said Pete.
“My crates haven’t arrived yet. I’m not ready for the ambush.” said Henrietta.
“Well get ready.” said Old Pete sinking into the floor.



As the dust and smoke settled and the screams erupted our posse saw Grimme standing in a column of glowing light. The first row of pews had been vaporized. the second row was blood chunks and the third row had been hit with shrapnel and was bleeding out. Ixtli turned to sand and dust as her heart was in Otis’ pocket.. Otis half of a sheriff star rolled to a rest next to Sally.
Moira began to pray and took on her own glowing light and charged Grimme firing both guns. He ignored it. James saw The black Diamond imbedded in a woman’s chest in the fourth row. He ran to her and carried her towards an exit. Rupert overtook him and took the woman from her carrying her to Sally. Sally took the diamond out and was splattered in blood and told Rupert “Toss the stiff.” not having any feelings for the cultists. Rupert dropped the now dead body. Old Pete rose out of the floor and lifted Grimme into the air. Fire and lightning shot off of them in random directions.
Sally called on the spirits to cut off Grimme’s power and his glow winked out. James and Moira shot him and his head lolled back. Old Pete dropped through the solid floor with Grimme disappearing.
The posse followed the human stampede out of the Cathedral. They had Rupert retrieve there long arms from the roof they stashed them on.
Red sniffed the ground and barked taking off. Moira said “Red. Wait. We have to follow him.” They ran after him coming eventually to a young Asian boy doing his morning Tai Chi. Red leapt into his arms licking his face and wagging his tail.
“Red doesn’t do that to just anybody. Who are you?” asked Moira.
“I am Bai.” said the boy.
“Buy?” asked Sally.
“No Bai. I’m looking for my father Otis. I have been following his trail for months.” said the boy.
“Oh. Hey we have an urgent mission to go kill some people you want to come?” asked Sally.
“What?” asked Bai.
“They are enemies of Otis. You’ll see. Come on.” said Sally.
“Is Otis there?” asked Bai following.
“No he’s dead.” said Sally.
“Sally.” said Moira.
“Well its true. He did the most selfless thing I had ever seen him do but now he’s gone.” said Sally.
“So you must be Moira, Sally, and James. I was told you were his companions.” said Bai.
“Where did you come from?” asked Sally.
“Shan Fan. I have been chasing you across the country.” said Bai.
“Well its a damn shame you didn’t catch up sooner. Now if you see a woman in man’s clothing and another lady in a dress shoot to kill. You do have a gun don’t you?” asked Sally.
“No.” said Bai.
“Hmm. You can be look out then.” said Sally.
They came to the warehouse and saw the door was open and the lights on.
While they waited a Smith and Robards repair truck pulled up. A man got out with a crate and a tool bag and went in. He began to work on the autogyro replacing the missing part.
Sally signaled to Rupert to grab him.
“Hey kid. Do you think you could put this chloroform rag around his mouth and hold it?” asked Sally pulling a bottle and rag out of her pantaloons.
James knocked on the back door and slipped away. The repair went to the door and look doutside.
Meanwhile Bai and Rupert slipped up behind him. Rupert grabbed the repair man and Bai held the rag over his mouth.
James went up to the back door and tried the lock while the posse looked around the first floor finding nothing of import. James put on the silencer glove and shot the lock off. The shot was quiet but the clang of the bullet hitting the locking mechanism rang through the building.
They heard the telltale buzzing of mechanical wasps inside and a fusillade of bullets went through the door. James took a piece of shrapnel in the neck and staggered back..Kicking the door in James fanned the hammer taking down all three wasps in one go.
The posse rushed up the stairs which ended in a door (not yet a fire hazard in this time period)
They heard the metallic steps of a clockwork guard walk past and open a door.
Moira went into the hall and said “James. Is there something in here?” asked Moira.
“It went that way.” he said.
Moira peered in the open door and saw a metal big toe sticking out from behind the door. She reached around with one gun and blind fired missing. She fired with her other gun at the toe blowing it off. The metal man staggered. “Malfunction. Malfunction.” said Max.
Bai slipped into the room and with a flurry of blows tore the clockwork guardian apart.
Sally came up the stairs and chanted a prayer to the spirits to heal James neck. A flock of birds went mad and flew in through the window attacking Sally. She covered her face and backed up. Bai shouted “Shining Kick!” and jump kicked the birds to death.
A door down the hall burst open and Dial ran out firing a large multibarreled gun. A trio of wasps came out behind her.The bullets tore through the hall but the posse barely flinched as it tore through the wall and their clothes. The posse opened up on dial shooting her down. The wasps powered down and the posse searched her pockets. They took her cash and a pencil box containing what looked like a large black piece of jerky. They giggled for a moment and then looked around seeing Dr Moreau making her escape out the front on a horse. James fired his rifle out the window downing her. She lay in the street unconscious. Sally turned into a bird and landed on her. She plucked out an eye and then thought about it. She plucked out another eye. Rupert walked up slowly his eyes smoldering. He thought of his brother taken from the jungles of borneo and he cradled her head in his massive hands. He squished her brains out like a ripe melon.

Till Next time Pardner

3 experience
1200 dollars

Fairwell Sweet Otis
Blood Sharks and prison riots




The posse sat on the rocks outside the sewer pipe waiting for Ixtli to come back. Sally suddenly looked up and said i feel like I have been sleepwalking through this prison. The posse reminded Sally of what they had done so far.
“We could swim and I’ll use my shamanic powers to ward off sharks and conceal us.” said Sally.
“Have you ever swam with blood Sharks? It ain’t pretty. They are much worse than regular sharks.” said Otis.
“Right. I’ll turn into a bird and fly to one of the patrol boats. You guys take out the generator and start a prison riot”
James trained his rifle on the boat.
Sally dropped a glass jar on the boat. It shattered releasing sleep gas. One of the guards fell in the water and was eaten by a shark. Another inhaled too much of the gas and died. James took a bundle of dynamite and a long fuse from Otis and placed it by the generator. he lit the fuse and ran. Sally piloted the boat over to the rest of the posse as a large explosion from the ghost rock boiler blew out the wall. All the lights at the prison went out. Screaming and yelling came from the prison followed by gunshots.
They piled in the boat and headed for shore. they saw a boat coming towards the prison the shore. James looked in his scope and saw Ixtli and Calvin. They stopped for them and let them board. They went to the warehouse and found a familiar flying machine. Otis pulled a part off and gave it to Rupert to put in his backpack.
They walked through town and saw a herd of people headed to the Cathedral.
Stashing their rifles on a nearby rooftop they went to the line.
“I have a powerful need to get good seats for this sermon. Can you skip me forward in this line?” asked Sally.
They posse got seats in one of the middle pews. Sally excused herself and told an Angel (the LA police force) acting as an usher that Rupert was her mother in law and needed to pee. The usher directed her to the rest room. Sally instructed Rupert in the finer art of rufying people and gave him a chloroform soaked rag. Walking back out she flirted with the guard while Rupert walked behind him. While the guard was distracted Rupert grabbed the guard from behind and covered his mouth with the rag. They dragged the guard into the bathroom and took their badge.
Sally went back out into the nave as Father Grimme began to preach something about “the coming storm,” “standing firm against the damned,” and “the very gates of Perdition being cast open.” It didn’t make much sense, but it didn’t sound good either. About 2,000 people lined the pews in front of Grimme. They all stood as if mesmerized, hanging onto his every word.
Sally shot Grimme winging him but he didn’t stop preaching. James stood up and took a shot hitting Grimme in the chest. He paused his sermon. People screamed and some stood. Moira shot him as well and Michael (her undead husband) tried but missed.
Otis put a device on Ixtli’s wrist and she pressed the button. She disappeared for a second and then reappeared staggering into some church goers.
Grimme’s voice reached a fever pitch, and it rang out impossibly loud in the hall. “For the forces of Hell are arrayed against us, my brethren. God save and protect we poor sinners! Amen!” The assembled crowd speaks as one, echoing the words of their holy leader. “Amen!“ some resounded, and there was silence for a second afterward as the last syllable of the word died.
All of a sudden, the stained glass rosette window above and behind Grimme shattered inward as a massive form slammed through and landed on the ground behind Grimme, its wings spread wide. It is a vision right out of the Book of Revelation.
The demon-for what else could it possibly be?-Stood about 15 feet tall at the shoulder,
with a 20-foot wingspan. Its skin is a deep, red color, and its massive hands ended in sharp, black claws. Horns sprout from each side of its head, and the demon’s mouth was a mass of razor-sharp teeth. The cloven hooves of its feet struck sparks off the stone floor of the church as it landed.
“You called and I answered.” the thing roared in a deep, booming voice, Grimme whirled to face the thing, a strange warm glow beginning to surround his body. A look of determined rage flashed on his face.
Otis took the device back from Ixtli and teleported next to Grimme.
“Adios M-Fer!” said Otis lighitng hte fuse to his suicide vest. Otis’ vest filled with dynamite he had been carrying for months his pockets loaded with ghost rock exploded blowing the demon in bits out of the church. Knocking back Grimme, vaporizing the front row and sending them flying as shrapnel into the second row of pews. As the smoke cleared his shoes spun to a stop.
Through the window rays of sunshine broke as the clouds dissipated. The oppressive weight of evil lessened somewhat but still lingered.

Until next time pardners…

3 experience
Sally $5 rooting in unconscious men’s pockets
1 important gyrocopter part

No Art!
I don't know anything about Demon Babies




The posse searched the house and took ten pounds of ghostrock and put it in the submarine.
went into town and helped Mrs Winchester find her old employees and rehire them along with new ones. She went to the bank and paid everyone in cash. The posse hired a boat and Sally, Rupert and Old Pete took the submarine. They spent a lot of time at Smith and Robards and Moira bought a silencer. Sally convinced the man to throw in six armor piercing bullets.
The trip up the maze was uneventful. Reaching Lost Angels The posse asked around for Henrietta Dial finding she had landed her autogyro in The waterfront.
Old Pete said "There’s no time for this. Grimme is performing a ritual in the morning. We have to stop him. They stabled their horses at a hotel and took the submarine to The Rock prison. They stopped near a sewer pipe and gagged at the brown and red chunky mess that poured out. They left Calvin in the submarine with instructions to pick them up.
Going in Moira shrieked and ran in terrified by the closeness of the disgusting tunnel. Coming into a pit with two ladders out Otis poked his head up into each. In one was a ghost rock generator. In the other there were hanging bodies, knives, and a chart showing the cuts of human meat.
Moira freaked out again. They poked around in the basement poking around they found a cultist and Otis made her fall asleep. They tied her up and threatened her with a knife. She didn’t react so they slit her throat. Then they crushed her skull and took out her heart. Walking into a room with a mosaic made of painted bones Moira screamed. They came to a room with a magically warded door with three locks and a bloody altar. Otis cast dispell on the door to take down the ward and then poured rusting oil in the locks. The door swung open.
Going into a throne room with bones Moira screamed and a white streak went through her hair. They heard movement. A bone creature rose up and attacked. Ixtli fought with the creature while the others shot at it. James shot it in the skull but it didn’t go down. Ixtli smashed the creature to bits.
The next room they looked in was full of twisted disturbing bone art.
Otis screamed “No Art!” and began smashing sculptures. He commanded Ixtil to help. Then he sent her to destroy the Mosaic.
The final room was a laboratory with cells at the end of the room. Pete said “Well I thank you kindly for your service.” and he kicked the cell door in in shattering the lock. Throwing Stone over his shoulder they both turned translucent and sank through the floor.
“God Damn it!” the posse cried.
Going back to the sewer Ixtli stabbed a tentacle monster. Going outside they saw growing storm clouds over LA. They flashed their lanters for Calvin and waited…and waited…and waited…

Till Next time pardner.

3 exp
$400 each
$107.75 split how?




The Posse headed down the hall listening for footsteps. They saw a flicker of movement across a courtyard through a window. They slipped down the hallway finding Dial’s bedroom. Sally pulled a lever and Dial’s bed began to rotate. Sally jumped on the bed. with Rupert.
a circular section of floor rotated. Sally went into another room on the other side with two hallways leading off of it. The wall opened up revealing an outside balcony, a desk rotated into the room, and a darkroom came up out of the floor.
Moira rifled through the desk and found Dial’s diary. In it she admitted to poisoning her father, to kidnapping Mrs Winchester, to murdering Dr Bailey on the train, and for kidnapping Calvin and set a trap for them because she had heard that the posse had foiled her plans of murdering all the scientists at the symposium.
They pulled the lever again Sally rotated into the bathroom. A toilet and bath rotated into the room. They debated about how the pipes work and then decided to move on. They went to the door of the lab and listened. Loud noises came from in there.
Opening the door they saw two sets of metal framed glass flooring in pie slices rotating and going up and down the three floors. The second floor was a ring of stone around the edge, there was another ring above on the third floor and a stone floor below them on the first floor.
They saw Calvin and Mrs Winchester unconscious in electric chairs with countdown timers above them.
Coming into the room Ixtli saw an automaton and attacked it. Rupert threw rusting oil on it and it’s armor popped off. Sally and James ran into the room. Automaton’s fired on them from the balcony above. Rupert jumped on the automaton on the second floor and smashed it.
James and Moira fired up at the automatons on the Third floor. They fired back. Otis cast a spell and the third floor exploded killing one of the automatons.
The pie slices of floor stopped with a whine. The timer stopped as well. James grabbed Clavin and dragged him to safety. The elevator came down and the automaton came out. Sally got shot and sagged to the floor. James and Moira shot the automaton taking it down. Otis healed Sally and then went upstairs to see what happened to Dial.
They found an open safe. 1600 dollars but no Magnus heart and no Dial.
James and the posse went up to the roof and saw Dial in an autogyro off in the distance.
James sighted his rifle and fired a shot hitting the autogyro. It fell lower in the sky but recovered.
Looking down at the boathouse he saw a figure moving there. Moira and Otis went down to the boathouse to see who was there.
Sally and James talked to Calvin and Mrs Winchester.
Mrs Winchester offered to pay a reward to the posse until she saw her safe was empty. She offered to go to the bank in the morning.
An old cowboy came out of the boathouse with his hands up. Moira and Otis rode the carriage on rails down to the boathouse.
“I’m going to reach in my pockets really slowly.” he said pulling out a folded yellowed newspaper article.
Moira read it and it was dated a week from the day about the firefight they had just had.
“What is going on?” asked Moira.
“I’m from the future.” he said.
“What’s your name?” Moira.
“You can call me Pete.” he said.
Sally flew down as a hawk.
“Is that your Christian name?” asked Moira.
“I’m not really much of a Christian.” said Pete.
“You got a last name?” asked Otis.
“Well technically Pete is my last name. My first name is ’Ole.” said Pete.
“’Ole Pete Moss?” asked Otis.
“How’d you know?” asked Pete.
“How’d you travel time?” asked Moira.
“It wasn’t easy.” said Pete.
“Why?” asked Sally.
“I heard you needed a submarine pilot.” said Pete.
“Who told you that?” asked Sally.
“Kevin Smith.” said Pete.
“We want the same things. You’all want the diamond and I want to get Stone out of prison.” said Pete.
“The diamond is in the prison?’ asked Moira.
“That’s what I heard. Also we don’t have a lot of time.” said Pete.
“I knew it. I Knew Grimme was going to summon Demons. I told you.” said Sally.
“Let’s get some sleep and then head out in the morning.” said Moira.

Till next time Pardner…

3 experience
$1600 total or $400 each.

Why so serious?
Mummy controlled attack cat



Standing in the hallway of the Winchester mansion the party heard the PA come on.“Calvin’s in the basement and I’m on the roof. Decisions Decisions. Catch me if you can.” said Dial.
Moira took the frame of the map off the wall and held it up to smash it on the floor and everyone reached out to stop her. She turned the frame over and undid the closure pulling the map free and put the frame on the floor.
They headed down the hall to a T intersection and peered around the corner and saw a clockwork guardian walking down the hall facing away from them. Otis ordered Ixtli the mummy to order the jaguar she had mind controlled to attack the clockwork guardian. The jaguar padded down the hallway and leapt onto the back of the clockwork nocking it down and tearing out it’s gears until it stopped moving.
The posse walked up to an opening in the wall ahead and saw the Grand Ballroom. They marveled for a moment at the glass floor, arcing tesla coil, indoor waterfall, and a large automaton. Ixtli and the Jaguar charged in first. Ixtli narrowly avoided getting hit by an arc of electricity and attacked the Automaton with a tomahawk. The Jaguar leapt at the automaton raking it with it’s claws. Sally puled a glass jar of rusting oil out of her pantaloons and teleported to the Automatons side smashing the bottle against it. It’s breastplate melted away exposing the insides. It leaked steam and it’s gears spun. They took it down easily without it’s armor.
A clockwork guard came from around the corner of the dining room adjacent and fired on Sally. She was grazed and cried out in surprise. James poked his head around the corner and blew the clockworks head off. Otis ordered Ixtli to pull the lever next to the tesla coil. She was shocked but shrugged it off. The floor rotated bringing up a piano and put the tesla coil upisde down beneath the floor.
Sally healed herself and the posse looked around. Otis ordered Ixtli to smash out one of the frosted glass windows with light pouring in from behind it in the Hookah lounge. They found another wall and a maintaenance corridor and lights pointed at the windows. Otis went into the dining room and stole a drawer of silverware.
he posse hustled into the elevator. Coming into the basement they saw the underside of the ballroom through the glass ceiling/floor. Below them was a pool where all the water from the waterfall was stored. They went to the stairs to the test chamber and headed down. They found a glass cube the size of a football field in the sub-basement with a single door and a lever.
They pulled the lever and the door went into the floor. There was another lever inside and a small steel room with no visible exit. They entered and pulled the lever. The door behind them closed and the wall to their right opened. They wandered the steel corridors quickly surmising they were in a maze. Hitting a dead end and walking back they were surprised to find the way back had changing. They realized the clanking they were hearing ahead and behind was the wall changing configuration. They figured out how to reach the central chamber and came to a room with a bed and an end table. Calvin stood next to a large automaton.
“Why so serious?” Calvin asked in a husky voice.
Otis fired off bolts of arcane energy barely scratching it’s armored shell. Sally gave a rag soaked in rusting oil to Rupert the orangutan and he squeezed it into the gap between the behemoth’s head and chest releasing a hiss of steam as it ate away it’s inside. The Jaguar leapt onto it taking it down. Looking closer at Calvin they realized that his face was subtly off. Moira turned her guns on him and fired with both barrels. Followed by James fanning the hammer. He fell down. His face dissolved to reveal the face of Magnus. They opened his chest to find that his heart was not there. Otis drew on dark magics to find that the heart was still in the building. Sally asked her spirit guide Laughs at Darkness who said that the heart was near to her. They spent a considerable amount of time dismembering Magnus into various parts and tying up his corpse.
Going to the elevator they road it up to the second floor to the part the map marked private.

Until next time pardner…

3 experience
Otis stole a drawer full of silverware
One Magnus corpse divided into a number of portions

Olde Friends and Enemies
Butt Stuff




The Posse went and rented a step above the cheap hotel and sat down to settle in. Before long they received a nock at the door. It was the porter bearing a letter.
Moir and Sally gazed down at Their names in Calvin’s hand writing. Moira ran down the stairs to ask the clerk. She said a singing telegram clown delivered it a few minutes before the posse received it. Moira took the letter back upstairs and everyone gathered around. Otis opened the letter to a pop and an explosion of confetti.

It read: Help! I have been captured. Dial has taken me to San Jose. She says I will be killed on 11/12 if you don’t rescue me. Hurry!

The gang went down the stairs to see the clerk.
“Which way did that clown go?” asked Moira.
They waled down the street and asked an old man if he saw which way a clown went. he pointed North. They followed his trail to a group of children who said he boarded a helicopter and went North. They left town and an old man with a donkey said that the helicopter went North.


“San Jose.” said Moira.
They went back to the Hotel.
“It’s a trap.” said Sally.
“I know but they took Calvin.” said Moira.
“But they’re going to summon another Demon baby.” said Sally.
“We can’t leave Calvin to die.” said Moira.
“Plus we have a few people to kill out that way.” said Otis.
Sally consulted her list and nodded.
“What about the diamond? It’s in the prison. We have to get it.” said Sally.
“Do you think they would have let stone keep the diamond? It must be in the church.” said Moira.
“Maybe Stone keistered it?” asked Moira.
“He wouldn’t have.” said Moira.
“You’ think it’s up Grimme’s butt?” asked Sally.
“No. I really don’t think it’s in the prison.” said Moira.
“Well lets atleast check out the church first.” said Sally.
They went to Grimme’s church that night and Mellissa turned into a rat and ran through the church. Finding no preparation for great evil she left.
Mellissa checked in with Laughs at Darkness.
“Laughs. What should we do? Is evil coming? Is there a vortex? Will a demon baby come?” asked Sally.
“There is time. Save your friend.” said Laughs at Darkness.
“Ok I guess we go.” said Sally.

The posse went to board a mazerunner. Sally talked the captain down in price.
The trip to San Jose was clear and uneventful. The Posse rented a room at a hotel with a view of the San Jose bay.


They went to Smith and Robards and bought some ammo and acoutrement.

Moira went to the library and researched the Winchester Mansion. Old man Winchester was obsessed with his house and filled with it with modern engineering.

Melissa spoke to a maid about her great uncle who had visited the mansion years ago..
The old man dithered and rambled.
“There were levers that made the rooms move.” said the old man.
“Where did the rooms go?” asked Sally.
“They followed the signs.” said the oldman.
“You’re useless.” said Sally slipping cocaine into the man’s rootbeer float.
“I suddenly feel peppy. I remember now the waiting room. It went up and down. I was there delivering a package. A modern marvel.” said the oldman.
The maid said Dial had inherited the house being the Winchester maid’s daughter after the Winchesters died.

The posse hired a smuggler to take them to the boathouse at 1 am. Otis cast slumber and the two guards fell unconscious. The posse rolled in and tied up the guards. They saw a submarine parked in the boathouse. Next to it was a railroad track and a horseless carriage. The Posse hopped in the carriage and pulled the lever. The carriage rattled up the track parking at the top of the Island cliff underneath a roof on four posts. The posse heard a big cat growling in the bush. Ixtli cast beastfriend. the jaguar came out of the bush purring.

The Posse walked up to the front door and tried the doorknob. It it opened on oiled hinges. The foyer held a phonograph with a microphone on a table. Going to the next door they examined the three locks. They heard the clanking of a clockwork servant. Otis threw Oxidizing oil in the lock. A woosh of air came in through the vents. The posse hustled into the hall. They glanced at a map on the wall. A speaker squawked and spoke in Dial’s voice.
“What are you doing in my house?”


3 exp

20 pp
Bolt power ice trappings
Fatigue: Harmful powers require a Vigor roll
(at –2 on a raise) to avoid cold-based Fatigue, but the power’s range is reduced to half (non-ranged powers have their Power Point cost doubled).
• Slow: A raise with a detrimental power (like stun) results in the target’s movement counting
as Difficult Ground while the power is active (or his next movement for Instant powers) due to the slick ice frozen on him.


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