Why so serious?
Mummy controlled attack cat



Standing in the hallway of the Winchester mansion the party heard the PA come on.“Calvin’s in the basement and I’m on the roof. Decisions Decisions. Catch me if you can.” said Dial.
Moira took the frame of the map off the wall and held it up to smash it on the floor and everyone reached out to stop her. She turned the frame over and undid the closure pulling the map free and put the frame on the floor.
They headed down the hall to a T intersection and peered around the corner and saw a clockwork guardian walking down the hall facing away from them. Otis ordered Ixtli the mummy to order the jaguar she had mind controlled to attack the clockwork guardian. The jaguar padded down the hallway and leapt onto the back of the clockwork nocking it down and tearing out it’s gears until it stopped moving.
The posse walked up to an opening in the wall ahead and saw the Grand Ballroom. They marveled for a moment at the glass floor, arcing tesla coil, indoor waterfall, and a large automaton. Ixtli and the Jaguar charged in first. Ixtli narrowly avoided getting hit by an arc of electricity and attacked the Automaton with a tomahawk. The Jaguar leapt at the automaton raking it with it’s claws. Sally puled a glass jar of rusting oil out of her pantaloons and teleported to the Automatons side smashing the bottle against it. It’s breastplate melted away exposing the insides. It leaked steam and it’s gears spun. They took it down easily without it’s armor.
A clockwork guard came from around the corner of the dining room adjacent and fired on Sally. She was grazed and cried out in surprise. James poked his head around the corner and blew the clockworks head off. Otis ordered Ixtli to pull the lever next to the tesla coil. She was shocked but shrugged it off. The floor rotated bringing up a piano and put the tesla coil upisde down beneath the floor.
Sally healed herself and the posse looked around. Otis ordered Ixtli to smash out one of the frosted glass windows with light pouring in from behind it in the Hookah lounge. They found another wall and a maintaenance corridor and lights pointed at the windows. Otis went into the dining room and stole a drawer of silverware.
he posse hustled into the elevator. Coming into the basement they saw the underside of the ballroom through the glass ceiling/floor. Below them was a pool where all the water from the waterfall was stored. They went to the stairs to the test chamber and headed down. They found a glass cube the size of a football field in the sub-basement with a single door and a lever.
They pulled the lever and the door went into the floor. There was another lever inside and a small steel room with no visible exit. They entered and pulled the lever. The door behind them closed and the wall to their right opened. They wandered the steel corridors quickly surmising they were in a maze. Hitting a dead end and walking back they were surprised to find the way back had changing. They realized the clanking they were hearing ahead and behind was the wall changing configuration. They figured out how to reach the central chamber and came to a room with a bed and an end table. Calvin stood next to a large automaton.
“Why so serious?” Calvin asked in a husky voice.
Otis fired off bolts of arcane energy barely scratching it’s armored shell. Sally gave a rag soaked in rusting oil to Rupert the orangutan and he squeezed it into the gap between the behemoth’s head and chest releasing a hiss of steam as it ate away it’s inside. The Jaguar leapt onto it taking it down. Looking closer at Calvin they realized that his face was subtly off. Moira turned her guns on him and fired with both barrels. Followed by James fanning the hammer. He fell down. His face dissolved to reveal the face of Magnus. They opened his chest to find that his heart was not there. Otis drew on dark magics to find that the heart was still in the building. Sally asked her spirit guide Laughs at Darkness who said that the heart was near to her. They spent a considerable amount of time dismembering Magnus into various parts and tying up his corpse.
Going to the elevator they road it up to the second floor to the part the map marked private.

Until next time pardner…

3 experience
Otis stole a drawer full of silverware
One Magnus corpse divided into a number of portions

Olde Friends and Enemies
Butt Stuff




The Posse went and rented a step above the cheap hotel and sat down to settle in. Before long they received a nock at the door. It was the porter bearing a letter.
Moir and Sally gazed down at Their names in Calvin’s hand writing. Moira ran down the stairs to ask the clerk. She said a singing telegram clown delivered it a few minutes before the posse received it. Moira took the letter back upstairs and everyone gathered around. Otis opened the letter to a pop and an explosion of confetti.

It read: Help! I have been captured. Dial has taken me to San Jose. She says I will be killed on 11/12 if you don’t rescue me. Hurry!

The gang went down the stairs to see the clerk.
“Which way did that clown go?” asked Moira.
They waled down the street and asked an old man if he saw which way a clown went. he pointed North. They followed his trail to a group of children who said he boarded a helicopter and went North. They left town and an old man with a donkey said that the helicopter went North.


“San Jose.” said Moira.
They went back to the Hotel.
“It’s a trap.” said Sally.
“I know but they took Calvin.” said Moira.
“But they’re going to summon another Demon baby.” said Sally.
“We can’t leave Calvin to die.” said Moira.
“Plus we have a few people to kill out that way.” said Otis.
Sally consulted her list and nodded.
“What about the diamond? It’s in the prison. We have to get it.” said Sally.
“Do you think they would have let stone keep the diamond? It must be in the church.” said Moira.
“Maybe Stone keistered it?” asked Moira.
“He wouldn’t have.” said Moira.
“You’ think it’s up Grimme’s butt?” asked Sally.
“No. I really don’t think it’s in the prison.” said Moira.
“Well lets atleast check out the church first.” said Sally.
They went to Grimme’s church that night and Mellissa turned into a rat and ran through the church. Finding no preparation for great evil she left.
Mellissa checked in with Laughs at Darkness.
“Laughs. What should we do? Is evil coming? Is there a vortex? Will a demon baby come?” asked Sally.
“There is time. Save your friend.” said Laughs at Darkness.
“Ok I guess we go.” said Sally.

The posse went to board a mazerunner. Sally talked the captain down in price.
The trip to San Jose was clear and uneventful. The Posse rented a room at a hotel with a view of the San Jose bay.


They went to Smith and Robards and bought some ammo and acoutrement.

Moira went to the library and researched the Winchester Mansion. Old man Winchester was obsessed with his house and filled with it with modern engineering.

Melissa spoke to a maid about her great uncle who had visited the mansion years ago..
The old man dithered and rambled.
“There were levers that made the rooms move.” said the old man.
“Where did the rooms go?” asked Sally.
“They followed the signs.” said the oldman.
“You’re useless.” said Sally slipping cocaine into the man’s rootbeer float.
“I suddenly feel peppy. I remember now the waiting room. It went up and down. I was there delivering a package. A modern marvel.” said the oldman.
The maid said Dial had inherited the house being the Winchester maid’s daughter after the Winchesters died.

The posse hired a smuggler to take them to the boathouse at 1 am. Otis cast slumber and the two guards fell unconscious. The posse rolled in and tied up the guards. They saw a submarine parked in the boathouse. Next to it was a railroad track and a horseless carriage. The Posse hopped in the carriage and pulled the lever. The carriage rattled up the track parking at the top of the Island cliff underneath a roof on four posts. The posse heard a big cat growling in the bush. Ixtli cast beastfriend. the jaguar came out of the bush purring.

The Posse walked up to the front door and tried the doorknob. It it opened on oiled hinges. The foyer held a phonograph with a microphone on a table. Going to the next door they examined the three locks. They heard the clanking of a clockwork servant. Otis threw Oxidizing oil in the lock. A woosh of air came in through the vents. The posse hustled into the hall. They glanced at a map on the wall. A speaker squawked and spoke in Dial’s voice.
“What are you doing in my house?”


3 exp

20 pp
Bolt power ice trappings
Fatigue: Harmful powers require a Vigor roll
(at –2 on a raise) to avoid cold-based Fatigue, but the power’s range is reduced to half (non-ranged powers have their Power Point cost doubled).
• Slow: A raise with a detrimental power (like stun) results in the target’s movement counting
as Difficult Ground while the power is active (or his next movement for Instant powers) due to the slick ice frozen on him.

If you were to suck any of us off...




The posse waited for the train in Perdition Utah. They went and got a drink at a bar. Moira found a catholic priest at the bar named Father Donavon McGinty.
“What are you doing here?” asked Moira.
“I’m waiting for the train for Lost Angels. It comes tomorrow.” said the father.
“The trains coming at midnight.” said Moira.
Sally told the tale of the how she had killed the Wendigo that had plagued this town for a week.

They went to the station and the train rolled in. It was hand painted the Nightingale on the engine.
“How much to Lost Angels?” asked Sally.
“$10 for your own room in the sleeper car.” said the conductor.
“That’s cheap.” said Moira.
They boarded the train and found their rooms. Moira and Sally bunked together and the men got their own rooms.

In the morning the posse went to get breakfast. They notice the patrons’ clothes were decade out of date. They looked out the window and they seemed to be going faster than any train except the Hellestromme express and that train had shook like it was coming apart. This train glided as if it was flying. Sally noticed a child staring at her with pale skin and long black hair.
“What’s your name?” asked Sally walking up to the child.
The child floated backwards and Sally reached through the child. Sally pretended to stumble and sat on a man’s lap.
“What the Hell?” asked the man.
“I’m sorry I am so clumsy.” said Sally. Turning to the posse "I could feel him but my hand went through the girl. The people ignored the girl and ignored the posse.
The posse went to the bar to get a drink.
""What’s your name?" asked Sally.
“Maggie.” said the bartender.
“How long have you been here?” asked Sally.
“I can’t recall.” said Maggie.
“You don’t remember how long you’ve worked for the company?” asked Moira.
“I can’t recall.” said Maggie.
“When were you born?” asked Sally.
“December 5th 1846,” said Maggie.
“So you’re thirty?” asked Sally even though she seemed twenty.
“We should talk to Miki.” said Sally.
The posse went to their rooms and Sally asked “What’s going on?” asked Sally.
“We’re in the Hunting Grounds.” said Miki, the mummy,
“Who told you to get on this train?” asked Moira.
“An old man?” was he dead?" asked Sally.
“I don’t know.” said Miki.
“I’m going to kill you.” said Sally.
They went back to the bar car and the little girl was crawling across the ceiling. Sitting at a table playing poker was Sally’s Mimaw, Otis father, Moira’s 15 year old brother Declan, and James six year old little sister. They were smoking cigars and drinking.
“Mimaw!” shouted Sally running and hugging her.
“Your dead. You do know that don’t you?” asked Sally.
“You always such a kidder.” said Sally’s grandma.
“No you really are dead. How did you get here?” asked Sally.
“I just got on the train.” said Sally’s Mimaw.
Moira talked to her brother about his last days. he remembered every day up until the day he died. Otis pulled his gun and shot his father in the head.
“He was a sumbitch.” said Otis with a shrug.
No one reacted.
“What is going on?” asked Sally.
The little girl skipped away.
“Come on.” she said.
They went to the diner car and people were eating lunch. The day seemed to be traveling quickly.
“What’s your name?” asked Sally.
“Chelsea.” said the girl.
“Have something to eat.” said the little girl smiling.
The posse looked at the food and the spaghetti had turned to maggots. The little girl played jacks. Moira put holy water on the jacks and when The little girl picked them up she cried out her hands smoking. Sally poured out a bottle on her. Chelsea screamed floating into he air smoking. The walls dripped blood and she disappeared.
“Where’s Father Donavon?” asked Moira.
They found him in the bar car.
“Something is not right. We’re going to fast, and a little girl told me to fuck off.” said Father Donavon.
“Father what can we do?” asked Moira.
“i’m not trained in exorcism…we could pray.” said Father Donavon.
Moira put holy water on her hand and touched Miki. She jerked away her skin turning black and smoking.
“OW! what was that for?” asked Miki.
“How did you turn from all ugly and gross to this?” asked Sally gesturing.
“I need life force regularly to live.” said Miki.
“How does that work?” asked Moira.
“I just feed a little. People get tired and I stay alive.” said Miki.
“Why didn’t you tell us about Magnus? Why didn’t you tell us about this train? Why can’t you tell us how to get out of here. I am going to kill you.” said Sally handing the box with Miki’s heart to Otis.
“Don’t suck any of us off. Don’t hurt any of us.” said Otis.
“You have any luck with that priest?” asked Otis of Moira.
“No.” said Moira.
“Priests are useless. You can suck off the priest but not all the way.” said Otis.
Miki put her arms around the priest.
“uh hu.” said Donavon.
After a few minutes he slid to the floor exhausted. The black spots on her skin healed.
It grew dark and the posse went to their rooms.

James went to sleep and woke up hearing a scraping sound. he turned up his bedside lamp and his small room was filled with dead clowns. He pulled his gun and fired until it clicked empty.

An angel came to Moira.
“Are you an angel? How do we get off this train?” asked Moira.
“You will.” said the angel.
“If someone comes back from the dead are they evil?” asked Moira.
“When people come back from the dead they invariably bring something evil back with them.” said the angel.
“Would it be wrong to kill them? is that what they would want?” asked Moira.
“Yes.” said the Angel.

Sally woke up to Laughs at Darkness sitting on the edge of her bed.
“Laughs. How do we get off this train?” asked Sally.
“I can teach you a ritual.” said Laughs.
“What happens if we stay on the train until the end?” asked Sally.
“You will be ok.” said Laughs.
“How did you get here?” asked Sally.
“I am never far from you.” said Laughs.
Laughs taught Sallly the ritual and then Sally went back to sleep.

Otis had a nightmare of a clawed beast attacking her. He woke up bruised and sleepy.


The next day they already neared death valley. Sally started the ritual. They seemed to speed up more and more. The train blew it’s whistle and pulled the brakes. They lurched and the train jumped off the tracks. They floated to the ground and the trained faded as it fell from the trestle. They saw below the bridge a rusted train. Going down to the bank Father Donavon said a prayer for the dead. Farther down the beach Chelsea stood watching them.


The posse went to Hardwick’s boarding house.
“We’re looking for my Uncle Stone.” said Sally.
“I’m sorry for you..” said Hardwick.
“What?” asked Sally.
“Stone’s the meanest scariest son of a gun I’ve ever seen. Reverend Grimme arrested Stone himself a couple days ago.” said Hardwick.
“Was there anyone else?” asked Moira.
“Yeah Michael Flannagan was sleeping on a cot in his room he was also arrested. I think they took Dr Snead to the hospital…oh and The ladies Henrietta and Milly had already left for San Jose.” said Hardwick.
“Can we see it?” asked Sally.
The door was knocked off its hinges. The room was a shambles. All of the furniture had been tossed around the room and was mostly smashed up. There were burnt patches on the walls, ceiling, and carpet, and a good portion of the plaster on the walls was cracked, like it was subjected to great heat. The room looked like it had been turned upside down. What were presumably Stone’s personal effects were strewn around as well, torn and smashed. A search It looks more like a tornado hit the place.
There were strange scorch marks all over the walls and ceiling. They looked like the
kind of burns that a flamethrower would make, but they’ were far more localized. And a flamethrower wouldn’t put out enough consistent heat to crack all that plaster.
There were puddles of metal that vaguely resemble pistols,
A small, wooden box had somehow survived the maelstrom that swept
through the room. The lock on the box had been broken open, and the box was
filled with shredded newspaper. It looked like there was an object packed into the
box, but it was gone now. Glued to the inside lid of the box was a piece of paper with
the boarding house’s address scrawled on it. An engraved plate on the box lid
carried the inscription "Dr. Garland Snead.

“Where could we find Snead?” asked Sally.

“Our Lady of Mercy Hospital.” said Hardwick.

Sally claimed James was Snead’s nephew. They went into the room and Snead was in traction with pullies holding his limbs up.
Sally stole some opiate suppositories off the table.
“How did you get here?” asked Sally.
“After the crash of my flying machine Rex left me in a hospital. he sent someone to pick me up and then they stole the diamond. Then we came here. I was a little better then I got drunk and fell down the stairs and re-injured myself.” said Snead.
“Where’s the Diamond?” asked Sally.
“Stone had it so probably Rock Island Prison.” said Snead.
“Where’s Henrietta?” asked Sally.
“San Jose.” said Snead.
“Where’s Magnus?” asked Sally.
“I don’t know.” said Snead.
“You don’t know?” asked Sally pulling on the pullies.
“No. Ow!” said Snead.
“What can you do for us?” asked Sally.
“I know someone. Clementine Norbert.” said Snead.
“And?” asked Sally.
“She works in records. She hates Grimme. Her brother was arrested a year ago for jaywalking and he’s still there.” said Snead.
“What else?” asked Sally.
“There’s a key to a safety deposit box that has my life’s work in it. A device.” said Snead.
“What device?” asked Sally pulling on his pullies.
“OW! A freezeray. Ow!” shouted Snead.
“What’s going on in there?” asked A nurse.
They left. As they walked Otis said “Miki you can suck him off. All the way.”
Miki went back in the room.

“Did we kill him?” asked James.
The posse went to city hall to the records office.
“Clementine Norbert? Dr Snead sent us.” said Sally.
Shh. Who are you? How can I trust you? Clem.
“You trusted Snead and he trusted us.” said Sally.
Clem looked around and pulled a manilla envelope out of a drawer.
“Here is everything I have on The rock prison. I was going to bribe someone to tell me if my brother was alive but I couldn’t find anyone. Everything’s here. Plans. Staff. Shift changes. armaments. The works.” said Clem.
“Thank you.” said Moira.

3 experience
1 “Cryolater”
1 ghost rock

I don't want to be a mummy
Godamn it Mickey




Sally and Moira set up a watch. James and Otis went to bed in their private rooms. Sally started her door popping open. A figure with a burlap sack on their head opened the door. Simultaneously someone opened Jame’s window waking him. Rupert grabbed the man and pulled him aside behind the door. Sally shot them in the head. James shot the woman at his window. Moira started awake. Sally shut the door and locked it. Bullets ripped through flying wide. Otis opened the door and shot a couple people. James shot two more people on the fire escape. Moira shot two people through the door. The last man in the hallway jumped out the window at the end of the hall. Rupert jumped after them pinning them down. The man on the fire escape jumped and James shot at them but missed. He limped away. The posse went down and brought the man Rupert caught up to the roof.
“Why were you trying to kill me?” asked Sally.
“Two men hired us to kidnap you and kill James. He’s a wanted man. It’s legal.” said the man.
“Who?” asked Sally.
“I don’t know. A black feller and a white. They don’t get along too good.” said the man.
“Where are they?” asked Moira.
“We were to meet at the Steamer.” said the man.
Moira shot him in the head and Sally threw him off the roof almost falling on a sheriff that rode up. They ran down the fire escape and grabbed their horses going to the Steamer.

Moira walked into the kitchens in the back of the Steamer. She paid the cook 5$ to let her in the bar this way. Otis took the front door and Sally and James sweeped the bar. They waded through the thick fog that pervaded the bar. They overheard Brett Marshal and Jubal Early arguing. Sally went to the booth next to theirs and saw an older man and a younger woman.
“Do you have a brown horse?” asked Sally.
“Yes.” said the man.
“What color are your saddle bags?” said Sally.
“Black.” said the man.
“There’s a man rifling through your saddlebags. You better go catch him.” said Sally.
Sally noticed the woman didn’t go with him and said
“I have an Orangutan see.” and pulled the woman out of the booth. She played with Rupert while Sally took their booth and pulled a knife. Brett turned and saw James and shot at him missing. James shot him over and over continuing after he was dead. Jubal chanted and then sprinted away unnaturally fast. He blurred up to Moira and she shot him dead.

The posse went to another hotel. In the morning a car came for them. They rode to Hellestromme Industries. Deepak Pradesh met with them and they explained what happened.
“Will you go to Lost Angels?” asked Pradesh.
“We want a heliocopter.” said Sally.
“We can’t afford that.” said Deepak.
“What about a steamwagon? A gatling gun? What can you give us?” asked Sally.
“I can give you a hundred a piece travel expenses.” said Deepak.
“What else? Can you get us Chloroform? Can you get us poison? OOh I want a pony.” said Sally.
“I will concede to your demands only if you leave right now.” said Deepak.

The posse took the train back East to meet up with Micky sitting at the broken wagons waiting for the snows to clear.
“We killed Magnus.” said Sally.
“Did you destroy his heart? I made him a mummy. He can reform after awhile.” said Ixtli.
“Damn it Mickey. Why didn’t you tell us that?” asked Sally.
“You didn’t ask.” said Ixtli.
“How did you become a mummy?” asked Moira.
“I was dying and a wise man he made me a mummy. I didn’t wake again until Magnus woke me.” said Ixtli.
“You could make us all mummies.” said Otis.
“I could.” said Ixtli.
“I don’t want to be a mummy.” said Moira.

3 experience
1 bottle chloroform
1 bottle poison
1 pony

I don't know how this ends
But I know we're going to kill a lot of clowns today




Sally said "I’ve got an idea. I’ll be right back and returned a half an hour later dressed as a clown. She walked up to the Foundry and a clown asked “Can you give me a hand with this?”
“Magnus told me to guard the second floor exit.” said Sally walking up the exterior stairs.
James clambered up onto a nearby roof. Rupert ferried Otis and Moira up to the roof dropping them along the way. They both managed to grab ahold of the steam pipes that ran everywhere above the street and pull themselves up.Otis picked the lock and Moira crept downstairs.
Moira waited for a giant clockwork human to go by and a couple of clowns and then gestured for Otis to follow. they walked down the hall peering into the rooms on either side finding crates and furniture. Moira let Sally in through the locked door at the end of the hall.
Rupert handed Sally the backpack and helmet they took from Zeke’s corpse.
“Oh Yeah!” she said putting it on and breathing the fumes. She busted down the door and attacked Magnus and rex with a bladed fan and tomahawk respectively.
Rex went down like a sack and Sally hacked his head off his neck. Moira opened fire on Magnus but he turned invisible. She shot Harlequin winging her. Sally grabbed Rex’s corpse and squeezed blood out of him hitting Magnus revealing him. Moira shot him. Clowns and the iron giant came up the stairs and Otis concentrated blowing up the clowns but barely scratching the clockwork. James shot a couple clowns out front.
Magnus grabbed Harlequin and teleported away. James saw him teleport onto a roof nearby and shot Magnus. Sally turned into a hawk flew out of the Foundry and attacked Harlequin gouging out one of her eyes. Otis threw another blast at the staircase causing it to collapse. James shot Magnus again dropping him and Sally gouged out Harlequin’s other eye. The Iron giant ran out of the foundry. Sally carried Harlequin away. The rest of the crew grabbed Magnus and Rupert grabbed the safe. They ran along the steam pipes above the street evading the clockwork.

Getting back to the Cog and whistle they opened the safe. Inside they found a letter from a man named Stone requesting the gang’s services. The envelope contains Stone’s address in the City of Lost Angels. 1600 dollars cash, and a mummy heart in a gold box but no heart of Darkness.

Till Next time Pardner

3 experience
1 mummy heart in a golden box
1 volcanic pistol

Wo oh oh Wendigo




“Which way should we go? Do we want to go to the pits?” asked Sally
“I think we should go to the bar.” said Moira.
“Calvin?” asked Sally looking around seeing no sign of him.
The posse went to the Basement bar The Steamer.
Steam wafted up out of the entrance as people went in and out.
Moira slipped in and looked around the bar bathed in fog. She saw Matilda in a corner booth with Zeke, the large man with a mechanical arm and a metal helmet. He had a metal back pack with braided wire tubes going into his helmet.
Moira walked up and said “hey. We met on the train. Did you go to the symposium? A lot of people died. Well a lot died on the train too.” said Moira.
“No.” said Matilda warily.
“Did your friend Sneed make it?” asked Moira.
“Yes. he was injured but he’s recovering.” said Matilda.
“Ok then. bye.” said Moira walking away.
Moira walked around the bar coming back to the booth.
“I hope Sneed get’s better soon. That Dial is driving me crazy.” said Matilda.
Zeke grunted.
“And Magnus he’s so annoying. What’s with the clowns?” asked Matilda.
“I like clowns.” said Zeke.
Moira went back outside.
“Matilda and Zeke are in the bar.” said Moira.
Otis looked around the first floor above the basement bar and saw that it seemed to be some sort of boarding house.
“Let’s go get her.” said Sally heading into the basement.
James and Moira chased after her.
“Matilda! Matilda!” Sally yelled walking through the bar.
Matilda and Zeke slipped out the back and went around the building to get their horses. Oits lit four sticks of dynamite and threw them. Matilda and Zeke dove away from the blast wounded.
Zeke unwrapped a gatling rifle. Zeke shot Otis and Matilda shot his dog Red.
Otis staggered to cover in the entryway of the bar.
Sally ran out the back and around the building. Moira and James ran out the front. James fanned the hammer and gunned down Zeke. Moira shot Matilda. Matilda grabbed a horse and kicked it’s sides. James shot Matilda in the back and she fell off the horse.
Sally sang a song healing Oits and Red. She ran to Matilda and had Rupert straddle her while they took her guns. Sallly healed her as well.
“Where is your gang?” asked Sally.
Oits grabbed her wounded arm.
“Ow! The foundry!” cried out Matilda.
She sprouted fur revealing she was a wendigo.
Everyone shot her over and over again. Otis fired a spell at her. She flopped around riddled with bullets.Otis hacked her up into pieces and they poured alcohol on her lighting her on fire. They sat around the body watching it burn.
The posse went back to Beau “Jangles” Monk and asked him where the Foundry was. He said that it was a former steel mill until the owner was killed a year ago. He said lights had been seen in the windows lately and it was believed to be haunted.
They said that he would probably be cured (of having one leg) if he wore Zekes mask and backpack.
“He wore it and felt really strong. He armed wrestled Rupert the Orangutan and won. They took the backpack and helmet away from him and bought him a hotel room.
They went to the foundry and watched clowns taking out metal and other junk from inside.
Sally turned into a bird and flew around the building flying in through a broken window. She saw a steam gatling gun on a tripod. Upstairs she heard Magnus, Harlequin, and Rex talking in and office.
Sally flew out and let the posse know.

Until Next time partner…

3 experience
one robot arm
one Zeke’s backpack and helmet
a Gatling rifle
5 dollars each

The Hunt
The mad bomber what bombs at Midnight




Moira tracked steam wagon tracks to a bare wall. Looking around and over the wall they determined the wagon must have been taken away by helicopter. They went back to speak to Deepak but he had left for the evening. They asked to see Bob Hoskins head of security Bob came in and Sally greeted him.
“Would you say that Hellestromme gives you the information you need to stay safe and do your job?” asked Sally.
“Yes.” said Bob holding his head sideways like a dog.
“Then what does the Heart of Darkness do and how are you making it into a weapon?” asked Sally.’
“What?” asked Bob.
“Tell me. Why else would anyone steal it.” said Sally.
“We were studying it. It’s very valuable.” said Bob.
“Ok who was in on the theft?” asked Sally.
“We are interviewing everyone that was there that night but it will take time. We have no suspects at this time.” said Bob.
“What about the troll faced man from the train?” asked Sally.
“Excuse me?” asked Bob.
“He was on the Hellestromme express to the Symposium.” said Moira.
“He was a judge.” said Sally.
“Oh yeah. Can you narrow it down?” asked Bob.
“He was tall, older, balding.” said Sally.
“I’ll look into it. Anything else?” asked Bob.
“What about the Tremendae gang? You’re spies see them?” asked Otis.
“You think they are involved? They were reported to have went out to the Hacienda Co-Op outside of town.” said Bob.
“Is it dangerous outside of town?” asked Moira.
“Only rattlers.” said Bob.
“Snakes?” asked Moira.
“20 foot long worms that shake the earth. They don;t usually come that close to Junkyard though.” said Bob.
“Thanks for your time.” said Sally.

The Posse rode out to the Hacienda in the darkness. It was surrounded by a ten foot adobe wall. Sally turned into an owl and flew around peeking in windows. She found a building with red lanterns out front filled with fireworks and an old Asian man (Li Heng). She found a man with a bushy mustache (Dr. Brunholf) with a younger assistant working on something that looked like the description of the MAXIS exo-suit. She found a bar with a player piano.
They decided to ride in and talk except that when they approached the gate gunfire started.

The posse split up. Sally went along the side and climbed the wall with Rupert. Moira went up on top of the wall to peek over. Otis and James took up position on either side of the doors.
Rupert jumped across from the wall to the building the MAXIS suit (with the assistant in it) was in and opened the window. Melissa tossed a stick of dynamite to Rupert and mimed throwing it in the building. Rupert threw it in and the Maxis staggered back smoking.

A whirring sound alerted the posse to clockwerk wasps coming out of boxes in the lab. Their abdomens were gatling pistols. Moira slipped into the compound and shot the MAXIS suit.
The wasps fired at the posse. James ran into the compound and shot the MAXIS suit in the back. It staggered and fell. Moira shot down a wasp Otis shot down a wasp
Sally rand down the wall and grabbed a wasp out of the air. Falling into the courtyard she slam dunked it on the ground shattering it. James shot down the last wasp. They advanced on the german man hiding behind a crate.

“Where is Dial?” asked Moira.
“She was here yesterday morning. She sold me this suit.” said Dr Brunholf.
“Why’d he go mad like that?” asked Moira.
“It drilled into his neck for some reason.” said Brunholf.
Otis looked it over seeing the metal inserted into the asssistants neck.
“Where is she now?” asked Moira.
“She said something about going to Cat’s pawnshop in Junkyard.” said Brunholf.
“Anything else? You killed your assistant and accepted Hellestromme property. We could tell him about you.” said Moira.
“No please.” said Brunholf.

Meanwhile Sally was shaking down Li Heng for free fireworks.

“Don’t you think we should have some fireworks for saving your life?” asked Sally.
Li Heng nodded and put some fireworks in a crate.
“More please.” said Sally.
Li Heng nodded and added more fireworks.
“More.” said Sally.
Li Heng frowned.
“What are these rockets for?” asked Sally.
“Rocket propelled munitions.” said Li Heng.
“They’r for killing people?” asked Sally.
Li Heng nodded.
“Don’t you feel bad about making weapons to kill people?” asked Sally.
“No.” said Li Heng.
“Would you like to see our mogwai?” asked Sally.
“They don’t exist.” said Li heng.
“Well we have one. Come on.” said Sally.
“Alright.” said Li Heng following her.
Sally lit a stick of dynamite and threw it behind her in the fireworks shop. Li Heng and Sally ran away. The Fireworks lab exploded and then continued to shoot out fireworks.
“Everything I had was in there. Give me my fireworks back.” said Li Heng.
“I couldn’t have you make those rockets to kill people.” said Sally.
Rupert picked Li Heng up and the Hacienda emptied as everyone fled.
“Pet the damn Mogwai.” said Sally looking menacing.
Li Heng petted the Mogwai.
“May I go please?” asked Li heng.
Sally nodded and the old man ran as fast as his short legs could carry him.
“What now?” asked Moira.
“Go back to the Cog and Whistle?” asked Sally.


The next morning The posse got up and had breakfast. Otis went out to get Billy Connecticut who was still following them.
“We went to the Hacienda Co-op last night and found the MAXIS suit.” said Otis.
Billy tugged his ear and a man down the street ran off.
“How you communicate all that with an ear tug?” asked Otis.
“It’s a secret.” said Billy.
The Posse headed over to Cat’s pawnshop. The saw the shooting knives in a glass cabinet and then saw a middle aged woman stoking the fire in the abdomen/boiler in the Clockwork Demoler (a spider automaton).
“No! Don’t do it!” shouted Moira tackling Cat.
“Red do your business.” said Otis.
Red ran in and peed in the demoler’s boiler.
“Rupert go!” shouted Sally. Rupert ran in and peed in the boiler. The Demoler shuddered and settled to the floor.
“Where did you get that?” asked Sally.
“From Jeffrey and Karl. Local drifters. they said they found it in the desert.” said Cat.
“That’s stolen property. We’ll need it and the shooting knives back.” said Moira taking them from the case.
Otis went outside and waved to Billy.
Billy tugged his ear and another man ran off.
“We need that communication ability.” said Otis.
“Where are Jeffrey and Karl now?” asked Moira.
“They live out in Sludgetown.” said Cat.
“Where’s that?” asked Moira.
“It’s where the drunks or people avoiding something go. It’s where the industrial waste from the factories goes.

The posse found Bo “Jangles” Monk sitting in front of a bar.
“What’s the word?” asked Sally.
“What?” asked Bo.
Moira gave him a dollar.
Bo looked at Sally. Moira started to draw his pistol.
“I saw the Injun and a man with a metal arm go into the Steamer Saloon last night. real classy place.” said Bo.
“Anything else you can tell us?” asked Sally handing him a five dollar bill.
Bo shook his head.

3 experience

one gatling pistol without a handle

Cross Dressing Orangutan




Salt Lake City aptly named the City of Gloom for the pall of Soot and smoke hanging over it loomed in the distance. Outside of Salt lake City proper is called Junkyard, a neighborhood of soot-covered factories, saloons, and slums. Outside Salt Lake City, the capital of Deseret and the center of Mormon life in the West, Junkyard began as the maze of steam pipes and conduits Dr. Hellstromme built to bring modern amenities to Salt Lake City, but soon people started pitching tents among the pipes. Not long after, a town sprung up. Vendors selling masks greet you at the edge of the Junkyard.
A Father Callahan walked up and said “Have you repented your sins?” His eyes roll back into his head and he spasms falling to the ground.
“The blackheart shall burn your hands. Repent or the hounds of hell will come for thee!” He shouts spittle flying from his mouth.
Sally had Rupert pick him up and Calvin examined him. They asked him what he meant by that but he had no recollection.

The nearest entrance had red chinese lanterns and two chinese Guardian lion statues.

As the posse walked up they saw an old Chinese man with a box and a sign that read Mogwai $10 Keep out of direct sunlight, Do not feed after midnight, Keep dry. Moira asked for one and the old man went into a Chinese restaurant. he poured water on one and it reproduced. Moira picked the cutest one and put it in her saddle bags. They ate Dim Sum. They left and stopped to talk to a homeless man with one leg and one eye.
“A maze dragon ate my leg and I lost my eye in a card game. Never gamble for body parts.” said the man.
The posse asked if he had seen the Tremendae gang in town and he described a few of them but didn’t know where they went.

They stopped in a dress shop and bought masks, a dress and bonnet (for Rupert) and bladed fans.

The posse went to the Cog and Whistle and rented rooms. They left there and went to Camera Obscurra. A half deaf old man with a horn in his ear asked what they could do for him. They asked for a photo of them and then asked if he could make a photograph from a microfiche. He said he could and made a small example. He went in back and Otis followed him.
“This is a proprietary process and it needs to be dark.” said the old man. Otis noticed there wasn’t an exit door in the dark room and decided to go outside and watch the rear door. They asked for a larger one and he printed that up. Sally distracted the owner while Otis snuck in the back and noticed the Owner had made more than one copy of the microfilm. Otis pour some flammable solution and placed a cigarette with the burning edge just out of the solution. He invited the owner out for a drink and he went along. They went to the Carousel Saloon and met Jeb a weird scientist. They showed the picture of the plans to him and he pretended to know what it was to impress Sally. Sally asked someone else, Shel, a muscular woman in pants. Shel said it was a calculation machine of such quality she had never seen.
As they walk along a few of the posse noticed someone following them. they dropped back. Moira walked up behind the man and put her gun to his balls.
“Into the alley.” said Moira.
The man went into the alley.
“What’s you’re name and why are you following us?” asked Moira.
“Billy Connecticut. Don’t you have a package to deliver?” asked Billy.
“Yes. We are settling in and going to do it tomorrow. You could get hurt following people.” said Moira.
“I’m sorry.” said Billy.
“Who do you work for?” asked Moira.
“I work for Hellestrome.” said Billy.
“You tell them we’ll be there tomorrow.” said Moira.
Billy scurried off.
Otis came over.
“Maybe we should deliver the package tonight.” said Otis.

The posse rode into the Hellestromme industries compound full of brick buildings and were directed to an office building. They rode the elevator to the top floor. They saw an Indian man wearing a turban and a western suite with a beard.
“Thank you. My name is Deepak ‘Hanuman’ Pradesh.”
Sally gave Deepak the package and he took out the microfilm and examined it with a jewelers lens.
“And the copies?” asked Deepak.
Sally handed over most of the copies except one.
“You have done well. My employer has another job and is looking for an intelligent, dangerous and most importantly discreet posse to recover a piece of stolen property. The pay is $2,000 apiece. Well, Are you in? Bring us the culprits and the diamond alive if you can. Also don’t bring the Danites into it if you can. they are no friends of Mr Hellestromme.” asks Deepak.
“What did they steal?” asked Sally.
“An item of great value.” said Deepak.
“We need to know if we are going to find it. It could be dangerous.” said Sally.
“The Heart of Darkness, a human heart size black diamond.” said Deepak.
“What were you doing with it?” asked Sally.
“It is unable to be cut we were testing using it in many different applications.” said Deepak.
“Look there was this Hellstromme Rep on the train and he wouldn’t show me his notes and then all these people were murdered I want to see his notebook.” said Sally.
“Is that relevant to this investigation?” asked Deepak.
“It could be. Also you are being mighty cagey about this diamond and how do we know what we’re walking into? I need to know that I will have access to all the information I need to complete this investigation.” said Sally.
“You will get access to everything pertinent to the investigation.” said Deepak.
“That’s not good enough. Also we need to be paid expenses.” said Sally.
“I can give you fifty each up front.” said Deepak.
“I need my hotel paid for in Salt Lake City.” said Sally.
“You are being paid exorbitantly well for this endeavor.” said Deepak.
“It’s not good enough. We don’t know what dangers we’re walking into because you won’t tell us what this Diamond is for. You aren’t paying expenses.” said Sally.
“Fine. If it will get you out of my office you can get room and bored. Billy take them to plant 13.” said Deepak.
Billy came in and took the posse to plant 13. Outfront two automatons were blown up and a man lay dead with a white streak in his hair.
Calvin looked at him and said “He died of natural causes as far as I can tell.”
They went down to the basement.
The scent of fire and death greeted them as they entered the underground lab. Some items had been moved or stolen. And the bodies were still in place, right where they were found. The wooden support beams for the underground lab creaked as the walked under them. They found rifle rounds on the floor Otis identified them as .44 Evans, a rare calibre used by Matilda.

Examining One of the scientists bodies they found he was tortured with a knife. Two bodies lay at the door to the backroom. One a female researcher had a knife wound. The second body was shot with a large calibre round. The last body, that of Gerlach, lay on a table near the large doors of the laboratory. The body had no recognizable head. Instead, a mass of bone and meat mashed flat as a pancake hangs from the end of his neck. The tabletop has been splintered by the force of the blow that crushed his skull.

“Can you tell us what’s missing?” asked Sally.
Billy went and got Leticia Gallagos and a manifest.
“There was a MAXIS exoskeletal suit, a ClockWork Demoler, A steamjack, and a quad piston steam wagon.” said Leticia.
“Did you see anything that night?” asked Sally.
“I saw a falling star. I thought nothing of it and it fell behind some buildings. Later I heard the fire bells and ran to help put out the fire. After it was over I went to plant thirteen to borrow a tool but I found the security guard dead.” said Leticia.

Till next time pardner…

3 experience
$50 each

A Fist Full of Dollars
Church Training Montage


10/21 1876


The posse went to Abbie’s boarding house for dinner. The scrappy old woman wearing a gunbelt admitted she wasn’t a good cook but she would be serving dinner.
“I’m sorry it’s taking so long but my husband died of the drink, and my daughter Joe died in a cross fire a month back. Now it’s just me.” said Abbie.

The posse went to the Bison Hotel and Calvin said I’m going to take a look upstairs. This town doesn’t have a doctor after all. Sally asked to see the boss. She was led upstairs by Mario to see the boss Maria Garcia Montenegro. She sat in an office with some younger men being a desk next to a safe.

“Did you come to help us with the D’Capuccinos?” asked Sally.
“Maybe. What started all this?” asked Sally.
“That whore Julietta used her feminine wiles and stole our Romeo away from us.” said Maria.
“Hmm. How much would you pay to get him back?” asked Sally.
“Ten dollars each.” said Maria.
“You haven’t seen him in months and you will only pay ten? and half upfront” asked Sally.
“You drive a hard bargain.” said Maria nodding.

They went to the Coffee Creek Casino and got The Boss Frederico Leonardo D’Capuccino to pay them 30 each to find Julietta.

They went to church and nocked. Father Lorenzo came to the door.
“Can we come in? I wish to confess.” said Moira.
“God’s doors are always open.” said Father Lorenzo.
Moira told the father the story of her travels and he listened intently.
“Have you experienced this? How do you fight a demon?” asked Moira.
“Oh no. I have heard of such things. Rumors about The Templar still being active. Holy water? I don’t know what to say.” said Father Lorenzo.
While Moira was talking to Father Lorenzo Otis heard something coming from the back of the church. Otis and Sally went to the two back doors and threw them open. Julietta screamed.
“Oh they’re wearing rings. Newlyweds. Congratulations.” said Sally.
“Thank you. Who are you?” asked Romeo.
“You’re families are killing each other over you.” said Sally.
“I know.” said Romeo frowning.
“Are you pregnant.” said Sally feeling Julietta’s belly. “You are with twins.” said Sally smiling.
“Well we found them but what about the Sheriff?” asked Otis.
“Let’s just make them sheriffs.” said Moira.
“Can you shoot?” asked Sally.
“Here.” said James handing them a rifle and a badge.
Cut to a training montage of Romeo and Julietta firing the rifle and shooting Madona statues off the altar.

“We’ve got to get your parents here to see this.” said Sally.

Father Lorenzo came in with Maria Montenegro, Mario Montenegro (Romeo’s father), Mario D’Capuccino (Julietta’s father) and Frederico D’Capuccino.
“Julietta is pregnant and they are married.” said Sally.
Maria and Frederico shook hands.
“Truce.” they said.

The posse went back to Abbies and slept. The next day they went around getting the rest of their pay. They took the train to Perdition, Utah. They saw wagons bearing the words Magnus Danger Magnussen’s Cabaret, Circus, and Menagerie. There were no horses and no smoke coming from the smoke stacks. The posse went to the general store and talked to the Owner Tom.
“I heard you have a beast here. Who was the most recent victim?” asked Sally.
“Bobby and Johnny Miller at the livery.” said Tom.

The posse went into the livery and saw two men covered in bandages.
“Johnny, Bobby what happened to you?” asked Sally.
“There was this black shape and then claws.” said Johnny.
“Do you know what it was?” asked Sally.
They shook there heads.

Sally went out and looked in the window of a wagon and saw Ixtli but turned around to tell the posse. They debated what to do and heard a knock at the door. They opened it and Ixtli stood at the door.
“Give me my eye.” said Ixtli.
“I love you!” said Sally.
“What? Give me my eye.”
“Oh ok.” said Sally handing her the eye.
Ixtli put the eye back in.
“And my finger.” said Ixtli.
Sally handed Ixtli her finger and Ixtli put it back on. Sally chanted and they all could understand Ixtli’s native langauge.
“How did you come back together?” asked Moira.
“The dead can never die.” said Ixtli.
“Do you work for Magnus?” asked Sally.
“He stole my heart. He ordered me to stay with the wagons and bring them and the dancers to Salt Lake City. Magnus joined a man with half a face but two souls, a dark haired pale man with two souls, A woman in leather with a beast inside her, A woman with a large metal man.” said Ixtli.
“If we get your heart back will you be able to resist him?” asked Sally.
“Yes. I need my heart back.” said Ixtli.
The posse trashed the wagons to delay the trip back. They waited for the train and headed out.

Till Next time Pardner…

3 experience
90 each

Flesh Culvert


10/18 1876


Otis shot the Deacon Plume killing him instantly. The cultists started running in all directions. The giant demon climbed out of the pit and rushed the posse. Tacheene spoke to Sally suggesting she chant to remove the demon’s hold on him. Sally began to chat. The undead miners began slaughtering the cultists with their picks. A couple of Pearl’s gang shot a few cultists. James shot the demon baby over and over. It staggered backwards. Moira shot Ray Wisely winging him. Rupert broke a cultists neck. Red tore at Ray’s leg. Moira shot Ray in the head. Sally continued to chant and Tacheene glowed brighter. The Bloated one swallowed Sally whole. Sally continued to chant feeling the walls of The Bloated squeezing against her like a flesh culvert. Otis dove in after her and fired his pistol from inside but it appeared to have no affect.
James shot the demon again and it spat out Otis and Sally. Sally continued to chant and James shot the Demon which grew still. It’s wounds knitted back together. A cultist begged for mercy and Moira shot her in the head.
The room grew brighter and the room flickered with native ghosts chanting along and dancing. James shot the Demon in the head and it shuddered. It’s body dragged backwards back into the pit. The cave rumbled.and rocks fell in from the ceiling and revealed a ray of light. The fallen rocks filled the pit. Tacheene rose out of the hole and planted himself near the hole.

Sally and the posse went and said good bye to Tacheene. Tacheen gave him a hug. They rode back down to the town and raided Ray Wisely’s house. His diary said that he regretted his plot to take the Daly mine with Plume’s help. After the miner’s died hunger spirits started eating all the food. Plume and his followers were the only ones that could keep them at bay. They opened his safe and stole his money and his silverware. Pearl said she would take over as mayor gesturing at the ten people left in the town. The townsfolk gorged themselves on the food in Ray Wisely’s basement and puked they ate too fast.

The posse left in the morning for Purgatory Colorado on the border of Utah. They sensed something wrong as soon as they arrived. There were bodies in propped up caskets against the wall of the general store. A sign read Now hiring posse to find sheriff and deputy 20$ each.

Going in the general store Sally asked about the sign.
“Sheriff’s been missing maybe dead. I heard he was wounded and went home but I went there and his wife said he wasn’t there. Deputy Beagle was kidnapped by the Di Cappuccinos on account of the Montenegros kidnapping Julietta Di Cappuccino. Though I don’t think she was kidnapped she’s in love with that Romeo Montenegro. They’re at the Bison Hotel. The Di Cappuccino’s run the Coffee Creek Casino.” said Nash Johnson the General store owner.
“Why did they kidnap Beagle, Was he kin to the Montenegros?” asked Moira.
“No. There’re rumors that he was on the take but I find that hard to believe. It does explain the kidnapping though.” said Nash.
“20’s too little for a job of this size. 15$ upfront and again when it’s done.” said Sally.
“I can do that.” said Nash.
They shook on it.
“Have you seen Two women one of them with a giant automaton?” asked Sally.
“Yeah. They were here for a minute waiting on the train.” said Nash.
“What about a circus?” asked Otis.
“I told them not to go to Perdition Colorado. A few families came here from there ranting about how the rocks took their kinfolk. A couple of them had these bad slashes like this.” Said Nash gesturing to show what the slashes looked like. Otis paled remembering the night he lost his partner.
“They was half mad but that Ringleader just looked at me and laughed. His funeral.” said Nash.
The posse went to Coffee Creek Casino.
“Is there a Michael here?” asked Sally of the bartender.
“Yeah. Over there my cousin.” said the bartender.
Sally looked at Moira surreptitiously and gestured her head at the cousin. Moira shook her head.
“Is there another Michael in town?” asked Sally.
“There was a Michael Flannagan. he rode out West.”
Sally Looked at Moira who paled.
“Should we just leave? It hardly seems worth it.” said Sally.
“Nash said he wanted only one gang in this town. Let’s just blow up the building.” whispered Otis.

Till Next time Pardner…

3 experience
1 legend chip for lowering a fear level
100$ each in money and silverware


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