Oct 3 1876


Otis, James, and Calvin found Dr Bailey on the floor in a pool of blood. They noted a bloody average sized men’s bootprint, a half burned cigar, and that Dr Bailey’s saddlebags were missing which included their pay. Calvin noted that the murderer used what was probably a bowie knife and was left handed.
Everette came to the door and said
“My Bailey, Oh no. I knew this would happen.” he sobbed.
“We have to find his killer, but quietly. We don’t know if this was personal or part of a broader plot. We must proceed with an investigation surreptitiously. I am officially deputizing you for this investigation only. Just notify me before you go off half cocked.” said Devry.
They told Moira and Sally.
“Did you find the money?” asked Moira.
“No.” said Calvin.
“What the hell are you doing with the mummy?” asked Otis taking out a hatchet. Otis hacked the mummy into bits. Everyone left the room. Otis tore up pieces of Sally’s pantaloons and made little cloth mummy bundles. He went to the engine car with one.
“Can I throw this in the fire?” he asked.
“What is it? Why?”
“Does it matter?” asked Otis.
“There was just a murder on the train.” said the engineer.
“Fair enough.” said Otis.

Sally went to Everette and said “I’m sorry for your loss.”
Everette wiped away his tears.
Sally looked out the window and noticed bootprints from the window. She got Otis and Red to follow the trail to a door. Everette opened the room. They found little but a change of clothes and saddlebags marked EB. The manifest said the room was rented to John Smith. They went through the saddlebags seeing money, alchemical recipes, and invitations to the symposium. Moria and Calvin hid in waiting for the killer.

Calvin and Moira went to the lounge car and looked at people’s boots. Rupert sat at the bar smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. They noticed that Henrietta Dial was left handed. He asked her if she had been to the Symposium before. She said that she had but this year she was going to win.
“You haven’t won before?” asked Calvin.
“These snakes are too cutthroat. Always sabotaging each other and backstabbing.” said Henrietta.

They heard the sound of gunfire from the roof of the train. Someone informed them that their was a test of skill shooting on the roof. James went up and shot buffalo from the train roof. James bet he could shoot the most and won $10 dollars.
The Southern gambler from earlier drew on James and shot at James but missed. James Fired back but the bullet passed through his coat.
James fired again wounding the man. He fell to the roof ad called out
“Texas ranger. This man is wanted in Georgia.” holding up a badge.
“I don’t believe you have any jurisdiction here.” said james.
Everette came and handcuffed the man. A doctor saw to his wounds.
They took him to the caboose and handcuffed him to Jubal Early.
“Why did you shoot me?” asked James.
Calvin rifled through his pockets finding a wanted poster, a set of playing cards with more face cards than it should have, and $20 in ones.
“You’re wanted in Georgia for murder. The truth of it is my real name is Bret Marshal. You killed my brother.” he said.
“Did you kill his brother?” asked Calvin.
“Yep.” said James.
“Did you have a good reason?” asked Calvin.
“Yep.” said James.
“That’s good enough for me. I think I killed one of them bandits. Maybe more.” said Calvin.

The train stopped in Salina Kansas to refuel. Otis got off the train and looked for anyone getting off there. No one did.
Calvin went to the room the engineers slept in with Sally. It had a couple of people napping. He said that he had to grab something for Everette. He went through his things finding a cameo of Dr Bailey.
“Did you hear Dr Bailey died?” Calvin asked Ryan, and engineer.
“Yeah, they were real close.” said Ryan.
“Did they ever fight?” asked Calvin.
“They were like a married couple.” said Ryan.
“What did they fight about?” asked Sally.
“I don’t know they didn’t fight on the train.” said Ryan.

They moved on and everyone slept.
That morning outside of Salina, the Express left behind the vast farmland of eastern Kansas and entered the open prairie. Suddenly shouts and carrying-on could be heard from one of the passenger cars. Otis went and check on Brett and found he was gone along with Jubal.
The forward passenger car was in an uproar by the time the posse got there. Scientists hurried every which way with big grins on their faces. Overheard bits of conversation revolved around “accuracy” and “killing power.” With various weapons mundane and weird clutched in eager hands, the inventors exited at the end of the car and climbed onto the roof.

The rolling grassland to the north was filled to bursting with buffalo, some of them only a few feet from the passing train. The herd easily numbered several hundred, all of them placidly ruminating as the Express rumbled past. The gathered inventors were busy placing bets on various weapons and shooters—who is most accurate, who can drop the most buffalo with a single shot, and so on.
A man in a tartan kilt wearing a metal pack with some sort of rifle attachment with multiple barrels gestured.
“You don’t need to fret about accuracy when the Conor Meatgrinder is at your side!” shouted Conor McGregor raising his weapon. As he flicked a switch on the stock with his thumb, the apparatus on his back emited a black and white smoke exhaust.
“Stand back, Laddies and Lasses!”
The gun cracked and belched smoke. Instantly a dozen buffalo within 20 yards toppled over dead, pierced by a hail of bullets. The other inventors nodded to each other, applauding as Hellstromme’s rep made a notation.
“Can I see that notebook?” asked Sally.
“No.” he said.
“We’re investigating a murder.” said Sally.
“What agency do you work for?” asked the rep.
“I’m a Sheriff.” said Sally.
“Of Which county?” asked the rep.
“Does it matter just gimme the damn book.” said Sally.
“No.” said the Man backing away.
Sally swung her pistol at him but missed.
“Stop.” he said.
Sally snatched at the notebook and missed.
“Unhand me woman.” said the rep.
“Help! Help this woman is mad.” said The rep.
An engineer came up the ladder.
“What seems to be the problem?” asked the engineer.
“This woman attacked me.” said the rep.
“He’s impeding my murder investigation.” said Sally.
“Why don’t you come with me?” asked the engineer.
“Everette! Everette!”
Everette came up the ladder.
“What is the matter?” asked Everette.
“He won’t let me look in his notebook.” said Sally.
“The relationship with the Union Blue railway and Hellstromme is tenuous. We must tread carefully. I will talk to him and ask if he saw anything.” said Everette.
“I’’m sure you will.” said Sally.

Attention slowly turned to the one inventor who hadn’t yet demonstrated his device—Peter Riddle. He was already grinning before anyone asked him what his gun could do. “Gather around. Gather Around. It’s not a gun,” he snapped, “not in any conventional sense. Air-delivered munitions are a different sort of animal.” The Great White Hunter lifted the bulky, tube-shaped device onto one shoulder and peered through a targeting reticule. “That’s right folks,” Riddle shouted, his finger tightening on the trigger, “Someday you’ll be able to shoot your meat and cook it… at the same time!” With those fateful words, Peter Riddle was engulfed in a sudden explosion of flame and debris.
Calvin and James staggered backwards wounded by the explosion. After the blast, the Express screeched to a halt. Riddle was toast, bits of his device scattered across the area, and a ragged, six-foot-wide hole is blown through the roof of the passenger car. The Hellstromme Rep took even more notes and clucked disapprovingly. Sally ran to James and Calvin and chanted over them healing their wounds.

Moira, Sally, and Calvin went to the bar and spoke to Milly. Sally cuddled up to Rupert who held her.
“What were you doing at Magnus bar, did you know him?” asked Calvin.
“No. I should have never went there. I just went with everyone else because it was closest to the train station. There seemed to be a fire right after you left the basement. Do you know anything about that?” asked Milly.
“No. Why would I?” Calvin asked nervously.
“that’s odd because I saw you all come out and right after there was smoke.” said Milly Moreau.
“Oh yeah then why were you and Rupert at the bank that night?” asked Calvin.
“I was never at a bank. Was that when the animals went crazy? Rupert beat down the door and ran off.” said Milly.
“You had something to do with this.” said Calvin.
“I must admit that I was working on a device to control animals for the symposium but it was stolen from my hotel room the day before. I can’t be held responsible for that.” said Milly.

The train rolled into Dodge. The posse saw a Sheriff taking people’s weapons, tagging them, and putting them in a wagon. Others were left on horses directed to the stable.
Everette talked to a young black woman who came over.
“i’m Sara. I am Elijah’s daughter.” she said.
“I’m so sorry for your loss.” said Sally.
“I understand you have my father’s personal effects. I want to set up his booth. He would have wanted it that way. I can pay you if you’ll stay on one more day for the symposium.” said Sara.
The posse agreed.
Sally talked to the Sheriff while the rest of the posse mosied passed pretending to go to the stable. they cut out and didn’t check their guns.
Sally saw Rupert and Milly walking away from the train. Rupert hung back.
“Come on Rupert. What are you doing?” asked Milly.
Rupert looked longingly at Sally.
Sally said
“It’s ok. Go.” and gestured for him to continue.
Rupert looked sad and followed after Dr Moreau.

They went to the hotel where Dr Bailey had rented two rooms then left for the symposium.

3 Experience

Otis fixed the broken gatling rifle so you have two worn looking gatling rifles

$4 from Bret Marshal’s pockets
Sally One mummy finger, One Mummy eye
$150 each for three days
$10 each for saving the glassware
Calvin: A set of cards with too many face cards
$10 dollars for James for shooting the most buffalo

gatling rifle stats:
Range: 24/48/96; Damage:
2d8; RoF: 2; Cost: $1,200;
Weight: 13; Shots: 12; Min. Str:
d6; Notes: AP 2. Gatling weapons
cannot fire single shots and must use their full Rate of Fire.
Malfunction: On a result of snake eyes on the Shooting roll, the user spins about wildly, spraying bullets everywhere. Treat this as a Suppressive Fire attack against everyone in a Large Burst Template centered on the user. The weapon can’t injure more victims than it has bullets remaining.

All Aboard!
The Hellstromme Express


Red (the dog)

Sally hacked up the mummy and put it in her saddlebags. Some people went shopping getting last minute odds and ends. At noon the posse went to the train Tracks. Dr Elijah Bailey looking rumpled at the Train station.
“Oh very good, very good,” says Bailey, parting with a group of reporters to greet you. “What was that madness last night? Did you hear that the Chicago Museum that escaped the fire a few years ago was hit by thieves last night?”
The posse made noncommittal noises.
“…And you squared everything away without incident? Hmm good." said Dr Bailey.
“You said there would be a bonus for applying the grease.” said Calvin.
“You want that upfront. Well here is $25 each as we agreed. Shall we?” he said handing the money and then gesturing at the train.
“Most peculiar. First things first, please locate a baggage porter and see that my equipment is properly stowed in the freight car” Says Bailey.
“Is that safe? We should keep the crates in our rooms. Are we supposed to guard you as well.” said Moira.
“No I will be fine. as to the crates that’s your affair.” said Dr Bailey.
The platform was a riot of inventors, porters, reporters snapping photographs, and hangers on. Picking through the crowd Dr Bailey said.
“Who is that man staring at us? I don’t know him. Do you?” asks Dr Bailey looking at a White man wearing a bow tie and a bushy mustache smoking a cigar.
Everyone said no.
A short twitchy African American in plaid is wildy gesticulated at a porter. Next to him were a heavily armed native woman and a white man missing parts of the left side of his face. Otis, recognized him as Rex, a former Confederate soldier, lawyer, turned hired gun.
Dr Moreau with her monkey in a tuxedo and top hat gestured at a small crate with air holes. Rupert smoking a cigar dutifully picked it up.
Sally ran up to Rupert and gazed into his eyes soulfully and said “Hello.” she said.
Rupert patted her on the head affectionately.
Dr Monreau eyed her suspiciously.
“Now that’s Henrietta Dial. We had a…tiff…well it’s all in the past. She is one to watch however she is just as cutthroat as the men.” said Dr Bailey.
Three Union Blue repairmen made last-minute adjustments to the locomotive, one of them giving commands to the other two, before they all board the train.
One of the men in a blue uniform stood on the steps of the train and announced
“Hello, My name is Everette Devry. The Hellstromme Express—consists of a Wasatch-manufactured locomotive and tender, followed by nine Union Blue cars: two passenger cars, a dining car, a lounge car, two sleeper cars, two freight cars, and a caboose, in that order. You may move freely among all cars except the freight areas and locomotive. Access to these areas is restricted to Union Blue and Wasatch personnel.”
Dr Bailey turned his back and frowns.
“What’s the matter Dr Bailey?” asked Sally.
“Nothing. We better board the train.” said Dr Bailey.
The posse went to their room with six single beds mounted to the walls. They tied the three crates to one of the beds and two people stayed to watch them and the others wandered the train.

Ludicrous Speed
Dr. Bailey was studying his watch the whole time. As if on cue, he announced loudly to the entire lounge car, “This train seems to be lacking in velocity. Perhaps it could use some axle grease.”
A few seconds passed. Some travelers look about in confusion. Other scientists in the car seemed interested, but they strained to appear aloof. Suddenly there was a surge of speed that momentarily pressed everyone back into their seats.
The Hellstromme Express began hurtling across the Great Lakes Region at ludicrous speed.
The posse looked at each other and no one moved to do anything about the train as it rattled down the tracks. The vibrations increased until they heard an explosion from the engine. The train slowed to a stop.
“Looks like repairs are necessary, posthaste,” said a quiet voice. Henrietta Dial with the clockwork automaton appeared, lugging a large case. “I’ve just the thing right here.” She laid down the case and opened it. Six-inch-long, steel ants swarmed from under the lid, their alert antennae bending toward the locomotive’s machinery.

Salina, Kansas
later that night the posse reached the vicinity of Salina Kansas. The train occupants were gambling and drinking to while away the time. The white man in a bowtie smoking a cigar was raking in the cash and cheating very skillfully.
“Drink a shot of Ghostrot if you’re man enough!” challenged Rex holding out a clay jug giving off a mist that you swear you see a little skull and crossbones floating in it. A man took a shot and fell over.
“I think… he’s fine.” said Calvin looking over the unconscious drooling man.
Rex turns to the posse and said “See it’s harmless. Are you gonna try or are you chicken?”
James took a shot and grimaced but survived. Rex clapped him on the back and said “You can handle your liquor. And you aren’t yella like your friend here.” he said pointing at Calvin.

An African American Preacher walked up to Sally and asked “Would you like to hear the good word?”
“I sure would.” said Sally.
“My names Jubal Early. What is your Christian name?” asked the Preacher.
Sally turned and ran away.
“So strange. What is her name?” Jubal asked Calvin.
“If she wouldn’t…” he said and then he turned and walked away.
Calvin asked a scottish man in a kilt about any gossip.
“Rex and Matilda are part of the Tremendae gang wanted in three states. Henry and Dr Bailey had an argument. She said she is passed over because she is female and he said it’s because her designs are second rate. Clyde is fond of cocaine.”
“Cocaine?” asked Sally walking over to Clyde."I heard you have cocaine.
“It is wonderful for what ails you.” said Clyde pulling a syringe out of a doctors bag.
“How does it work?” asked Sally swiping a vial of liquid cocaine from his doctor’s bag.
Sally saw the heavily armed native American woman and stopped to talk to her in Apache.
“I don’t speak my native tongue.” she said in a very western accent.
“My names Sally. What’s yours?” asked Sally.
“Matilda Hotiron.” she said.
“I like your guns.” said Sally walking away.
Sally went to the engine car and asked for a tour. Everette Devry said that inventors have been tampering with this train and I am not giving tours. Sally tried to talk him into it but he said “Good day madame.”

Icarus falls
The train started up again and a few hours went by without incident. A gasp went through the crowd as they see what the thought might be Doc Snead on some sort of flying contraption whizz by the train. As the train approached a bridge they saw the contraption fall into the gorge and a thin wisp of smoke come up. The native American woman with a plethora of gunsMatilda climbed out the window and jumped off the train. As she fell towards the river below they lost sight of her in the mists.

The conductor announced that the halfway point of the journey—Salina, Kansas—was only a few hours away. Warily, Dr. Bailey pulled the posse aside for a quiet meeting in the the posse’s room.
“We’ve entered Bloody Kansas,” Bailey said. “This is where things get interesting, between the bandits and the regulators, so it’s best to be cautious. Here—take these tonics and linaments, and don’t hesitate to use them if the situation warrants!”
Bailey handed over a small wooden box with a hinged lid to (Melissa’s character). A brass plate on top is stamped with the monogram E.O.B. Inside are four vials of liquid. Each was labeled: Bailey’s refreshing tonic, Vim Juice, Crimson Steer, and spirit vision.
“What do these do?” asked Calvin.
Moira noticing a shadow against the glass pulled her gun and opened the door. Everette Devry stood shocked in the doorway.

“I’ll give this to you straight.” he flashed an Agency badge long enough for the posse to tell it’s the genuine article. “This is about me and Elijah. We’ve got history you don’t know about. None of your business, frankly.”
“You’re lovers aren’t you.” said Sally.
“We’re friends. We were close but…we had a fight.” He said blushing.
“Yeah. Friends.” said Sally.
“There’s trouble brewing on this train. Have you seen the way Dial glares at Elijah when she thinks no one’s looking? Now that’s a murderous Look if I have ever seen one. And don’t get me started on Clyde and his cocaine…I believe that someone aboard is a Texas Ranger.” he paused. “But there are two agents aboard on personal business that might concern you. If you protect Bailey’s person and don’t worry yourself over his precious glassware I’ll tell you who they are. I am worried for his safety and fool he is he is more concerned with his precious potions.”
Moira cocked her gun.
“You better tell us what you know. Why should we trust you?” asked Moira.
“I don’t know much. Rumors really. There are two people on this train from your pasts. I won’t say more unless you agree to my request.” said Everette.
“We are getting paid to do a job and we’re going to do it.” said Moira.
“If that’s the way it’s going to be…” said Everette huffily on his way out.

Sally was walking down the train hallway when someone opened a door and grabbed her putting an ether rag to her face. Sally called on her shaman training and turned into a falcon. Jubal stumbled back in shock. Sally turned back into herself and shot Jubal. He ran and she shot him again. He stumbled falling to the floor bleeding.
“Why did you attack me?” asked Sally.
“Your mother paid me to bring you home.” said Jubal.
Sally took the ether soaked rag and put it to his face.
People looked in the train car concerned. Sally rifled through his pockets taking his room key, a card reading Fly by Night Detective Agency, and $10.
“What are you doing to that man?” asked Conor McGregor.
“He attacked me and stole my locket.” said Sally.
People looked at her suspicously but shook there heads.
Calvin tried to patch up his wounds and failed. Another doctor pushed him out of the way and also failed to achieve anything. A third doctor took his place and dressed his wounds.

An explosion in front of the train sent people scattering. A group of riders and a figure in armor with a smoking boiler stood at the front. Another group on horses was bringing up the rear.

The posse exchanged gunfire with the men in uniforms they did not recognize. The bandits went to the freight car and began unloading cargo. The posse shot them one after another. Moira leaned out of a window making a trick shot while Sally hung onto her. Sally tied up the mummy parts and went into the hall intending to fling the mummy at an attacker. Calvin and James ran along the top of the train gunning down the militia. Calvin took a hit but didn’t stop shooting back. A final shot blew the boiler on the armored figure. Lieutenant Caroline James was no more. The rest of the militia fled. The posse looked them over taking a couple of gatling rifles. They saw they had patches they didn’t recognize. A pair of wings in a circle, gears, and an upward pointing sword.

Going to Check on Dr Bailey they found him in his room laying dead in a pile of blood.
“He better have our money on him.” said Moira.

Tune in next time…

3 experience
$25 each for the grease bonus.
1 broken gatling rifle
1 working Gatling rifle
2 full magazines ammo

Bring in the Clowns



Chicago October 2 1876

As the gunsmoke cleared in the basement of Magnus Danger Magnussen’s Circus, Cabaret, and menagerie a woman walked down the stairs. She wore a labcoat over a pantsuit.
“How much for the corpses? I could use them in my experiments.” she asked.
The posse raised their guns and then lowered them.
“Oh forgive my rudeness my name is Doctor Moreau but you can call me Milly.” she said.
Standing over a dead vampire and two dead clowns the posse negotiated a price but wouldn’t sell the vampire turning down a $100 dollars. Dr Moreau paid $20 dollars for two corpses. She whistled and a gorilla came down the stairs and threw the corpses over it’s shoulder and took them up.
Otis cut off the vampires head and poured liquor over the torso and lit it on fire. The fire spread to the wooden ceiling. Coming upstairs followed by smoke the scientists in the bar scattered. Police ran in hearing the gunfire and Sally said “The gorilla did it!” and pointed after it. The police ran out after the gorilla in confusion.
Dr Bailey said “Take these three crates to the hotel and watch them. Oh and there is a long standing tradition of scientists upgrading the train. I have hear a special grease to apply to the axel of the train.” he said.
“Should we wear gloves?” asked Sally.
“Here. Take mine.” said Bailey handing them over.
Leaving the bar they saw a woman dressed as a gypsy who called out to them in a bad Russian accent. She had a tarot deck on a card table and a sandwich board $1.
“I’ll bite.” said James.
“Someone from your past will soon catch up to you.” she said.
“What’s your name. Do me.” said Sally.
“Maria. I see a squirrel. It says you should store your nuts because winter is coming. Who’s next.”
“I’ll go.” said Calvin.
“You will betray an oath. You there will learn your fortune?” asked Maria.
“You’re not giving much for a dollar.” said Moira.
“I have a message from your husband.” said Maria.
“Ok. Let’s hear it.” said Moira paying a dollar.
“Your husband went west. He said do not seek the blackheart.”
“Who else?” asked Maria.
“I don’t want to know.” said Otis.
“What do you know about Magnus?” asked Sally.
“he is a dangerous man. It will cost you $5.” said Maria.
“But we’ve already given you a whole 4 dollars. How much more could it cost?” asked Sally.
“Ok. $3 dollars.” said Maria.
“Done.” said Sally.
“Go to Bank of America tonight.” said Maria.
“That’s it?” asked Sally.
“You will see.” said Maria folding up her table and her sandwich board and walking away.

The posse swung by the train and most hung back while Sally snuck under the train. She crawled along under the train while engineers worked on it. One looked down and said
“What are you doing mam?” asked the engineer.
“I lost my monkey. Could you help me? Maybe check over there?” she asked.
The engineer ran to help her look for her monkey while she applied the grease to the axel.

The posse went to the hotel and was putting the crates down when they heard thudding against the windows. Red, Otis’ dog growled. The windows crashed in and the rooms flooded with birds. The posse fought with the birds clubbing a few. Red snapped at Otis and he tried to soothe him. Horses neighed in the street. People screamed.
Sally yelled “Grab the other end!” and Otis and her scooped up birds into it. The posse ganged up on the dog and hogtied him. Sally spoke to him in a native language and soothed the beast. The posse went out into the street and it was pandemonium. People chased horses and horses chased people. They heard an explosion and ran for the bank.
A pair of Oranguatans stood in front of the bank smoking cigars. The posse tried to sneak to the back door but heard hooting and saw an oranguatan bearing down on them. James gunned it down. Sally shed a tear and knelt next to it chanting, healing it with her magic.
“Oh Rupert. Come back to me.” she said shaking the Oranguatan. It’s wounds closed but it slept soundly.
They rushed up to the bank and James stuck his head in and a bullet buzzed his ear. Otis threw a stick of dynamite and it blew someone apart. Inside. Inside clowns shot at them. A quick exchange of gunfire left all the clowns dead. Searching the bank they found a female harlequin. She said she was making a late night deposit. Otis shot at her but missed.
“Ok. I was robbing the bank. I’m sorry I learned my lesson.” she said raising her arms.
“Why are you robbing the bank?” asked Otis looking around. The floor was littered with bags and jewelry and the contents of the safe deposit boxes.
“I just wanted the finer things in life. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” she said.
Otis raised his gun.
“Ok. Magnus told us to get a gold box.” she said.
“What for?” asked Otis.
“I don’t know. I’m sorry.” she said.
“Where is he now?” asked Otis.
“He’s at the museum.” said the harlequin.
Calvin picked up a few diamonds and said “A reward?”
The posse shrugged.
They tied up the harlequin and knocked her out.

Coming to the museum they saw an elephant tearing up trees out of the ground. They heard the roar of a lion inside. Sneaking around to the side they broke a window and climbed in. Calvin led the way opening a door only to see a set of lion jaws click in his face. James barely flinched gunning the lion down.
Walking through the natural history museum they saw glass cases with Native American arts and crafts. They heard crashing sounds from upstairs. Sally looking in a case was fascinated with a small buckskin bag with beads. Otis picked the lock and she took it.
Walking up the stairs a rhino ran past. The posse shook there heads and ran across to go up the stairs to the next floor. The heard the rhino destroying cases downstairs. Listening intently they heard Chanting in a foreign language. He repeated the name Ixtli over and over.
Opening a door they found Magnus and some clowns chanting over an Aztec mummy. The mummy opened it’s eyes and walked forward raising it’s macahuitl. Most of the posse ran away terrified. Otis threw a lit stick of dynamite into the room. Two clowns and the mummy were blown off their feet. Magnus ran for it. He jumped out of a window landing on a downed tree. he limped to the now calm elephant and it helped him climb on it’s back. The elephant charged off.
The posse gunned down the remaining clowns and looked out the window at the receeding visage of the ringleader on the elephant. Sally cut the mummies legs off. They kicked her and she dropped them. She cut the mummies arms off and it’s head. The posse each took a limb and the torso and left the museum. They swung by the bank to find Rupert but he was gone. Arriving exhausted at the hotel most of the posse went to bed. Otis took a bottle of whiskey and sat outside until the sun came up. He watched the vampire head burst into flame and turn to dust. he nodded and went in to take a short nap.

Posse earned 3 experience and made $30 each (between selling clown corpses and stealing diamonds)

Tune in next time…

Session Zero
The creationing


October 2nd 1876

Otis: a rich old prospector
Moya: a cowgirl with twin six shooters
Calvin: a big city doctor
James: an escaped slave running from his former master’s kin and Hexslinger.
Sally: A former Southern belle rescued by natives as a child she became a shaman.

Arriving in Chicago our posse waited for the Hellstromme Express to board but it was having technical difficulties. Following the crowd to the nearest bar down by the docks they came to Magnus Danger Magnussen’s Circus, Cabaret, and menagerie. Inside they met Dr Bailey a contestant of the symposium. Recalling seeing a handbill saying he was hiring bodyguards, the posse signed up. Magnus offered everyone free drinks and took them in the back room to see the menagerie. The floor dropped out from under them and they landed in a locked cell in near darkness. They heard rustling in the dim corridor and then laughter. It was about this time that the roofies kicked in. A man in expensive but outdated clothing came out and asks them “Would you kindly hand me your weapons?”
Doc Calvin was shocked when his hands complied against his will. The posse erupted in gunfire but it only seemed to tickle the gentleman and ruined his suit. Melissa’s character turned into a rat and scurried through the bars. She had a brilliant plan to shove a silver coin in his wounds but after trying it realized it didn’t work. Calvin stabbed the vampire with a wood pipe and he fell. Dead? Tune in next time to find out.

Posse earned 1 karma and $5 dollars each rummaging in the vampires pockets.

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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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