I don't want to be a mummy

Godamn it Mickey




Sally and Moira set up a watch. James and Otis went to bed in their private rooms. Sally started her door popping open. A figure with a burlap sack on their head opened the door. Simultaneously someone opened Jame’s window waking him. Rupert grabbed the man and pulled him aside behind the door. Sally shot them in the head. James shot the woman at his window. Moira started awake. Sally shut the door and locked it. Bullets ripped through flying wide. Otis opened the door and shot a couple people. James shot two more people on the fire escape. Moira shot two people through the door. The last man in the hallway jumped out the window at the end of the hall. Rupert jumped after them pinning them down. The man on the fire escape jumped and James shot at them but missed. He limped away. The posse went down and brought the man Rupert caught up to the roof.
“Why were you trying to kill me?” asked Sally.
“Two men hired us to kidnap you and kill James. He’s a wanted man. It’s legal.” said the man.
“Who?” asked Sally.
“I don’t know. A black feller and a white. They don’t get along too good.” said the man.
“Where are they?” asked Moira.
“We were to meet at the Steamer.” said the man.
Moira shot him in the head and Sally threw him off the roof almost falling on a sheriff that rode up. They ran down the fire escape and grabbed their horses going to the Steamer.

Moira walked into the kitchens in the back of the Steamer. She paid the cook 5$ to let her in the bar this way. Otis took the front door and Sally and James sweeped the bar. They waded through the thick fog that pervaded the bar. They overheard Brett Marshal and Jubal Early arguing. Sally went to the booth next to theirs and saw an older man and a younger woman.
“Do you have a brown horse?” asked Sally.
“Yes.” said the man.
“What color are your saddle bags?” said Sally.
“Black.” said the man.
“There’s a man rifling through your saddlebags. You better go catch him.” said Sally.
Sally noticed the woman didn’t go with him and said
“I have an Orangutan see.” and pulled the woman out of the booth. She played with Rupert while Sally took their booth and pulled a knife. Brett turned and saw James and shot at him missing. James shot him over and over continuing after he was dead. Jubal chanted and then sprinted away unnaturally fast. He blurred up to Moira and she shot him dead.

The posse went to another hotel. In the morning a car came for them. They rode to Hellestromme Industries. Deepak Pradesh met with them and they explained what happened.
“Will you go to Lost Angels?” asked Pradesh.
“We want a heliocopter.” said Sally.
“We can’t afford that.” said Deepak.
“What about a steamwagon? A gatling gun? What can you give us?” asked Sally.
“I can give you a hundred a piece travel expenses.” said Deepak.
“What else? Can you get us Chloroform? Can you get us poison? OOh I want a pony.” said Sally.
“I will concede to your demands only if you leave right now.” said Deepak.

The posse took the train back East to meet up with Micky sitting at the broken wagons waiting for the snows to clear.
“We killed Magnus.” said Sally.
“Did you destroy his heart? I made him a mummy. He can reform after awhile.” said Ixtli.
“Damn it Mickey. Why didn’t you tell us that?” asked Sally.
“You didn’t ask.” said Ixtli.
“How did you become a mummy?” asked Moira.
“I was dying and a wise man he made me a mummy. I didn’t wake again until Magnus woke me.” said Ixtli.
“You could make us all mummies.” said Otis.
“I could.” said Ixtli.
“I don’t want to be a mummy.” said Moira.

3 experience
1 bottle chloroform
1 bottle poison
1 pony



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