Make a wish




Moira whipped her head around drawing her guns and stared at a heat shimmer. It was the vague outline of a man. She threw sand watching it bounce off of nothing. Bai ran in to see what was going on and Moira turned back to the humanoid and it was gone. They heard a clicking from further away.
The posse set up a watch and went back to sleep. They woke up and while Moira was taking her daily constitutional away from the group Sally asked
“Michael what do your bits look like? Can you make demon babies?” asked Sally.
“What? Nae.” said Michael.
“Have you tried?” asked Sally.
“I have nae.” said Michael.
“Then you don’t know if you can or not.” said Sally gesturing at Rupert.
Rupert ran up behind Michael and pulled down his pants. Michael’s bits were shriveled and somewhat leprous.
walked more. Crossing into Nevada near Fort 51 they saw a plume of black smoke. Then they saw three dust plumes coming from that way. There were steam war wagons at the heart of the plumes. Sally turned into a hawk and flew over the wagons. She saw they were manned by Union soldiers.behind them she saw a smoking aerodynamic metal ship of some sort half buried in the dirt.
She flew back and reported to the group.
“There’s some sort of crashed metal ship back there.”
The union soldiers pulled up and the captain approached the group.
“Have you seen anything strange lately?” asked the captain.
“We saw an invisible lizard that made goat noises.” said Sally.
“Where did you see this?” asked the captain.
Sally gave them detailed directions. An hour later the posse saw and heard a terrible battle punctuated with flashes of light just over the horizon. Getting to a train station they waited for a train. They rented to rooms on the train and settled in for the night.
“Moira. I saw Michael’s parts and you should not take him back to your marriage bed.” said Sally.
“I was just leaving.” said James.
“I had no intention…wait what?” asked Moira.
“Well I wanted to make sure he couldn’t make demon babies and his plumming looks diseased.” said Sally.
“I uh….I’m Catholic.” said Moira.
“I’m just saying.” said Sally.


In the morning Moira sought out a a ginger Catholic priest she had seen while boarding.
“Good morning father.” said Moira.
“Sup padre.” said Sally.
“I was wondering if you knew anything about the walking dead?” asked Moira.
“I’ve performed some exorcisms on demons but I have not observed the walking dead.” said Father McDonough.
“How would you lay one to rest and would it’s soul go to Heaven?” asked Moira.
“I would think that if it repent it would. Then you would need to perform an exorcism, and a proper burial on consecrated ground.” said The Father.
“Do you know of anyone who would have experience in this matter?” asked Moira.
“Father Thomas O’Leary in Des Moines Iowa.” said The father.
“Thank you father.” said Moira.
“Do you have anything I could put in my pants?” asked Sally.
“She was dropped on her head as a child.” said Moira.
“The body of Christ.” said The Father handing her a wafer.


They exited the train near Coffin rock and went into town slogging through the snow drifts. Pearl was in the Marshal’s office.
“You’re the Marshall now?” asked Sally.
“And the mayor. You killed most of the town last time you were here not that they didn’t need it.” said Pearl.
“We need some warm clothes for this little one.” said Moira.
Bai pulled the panther skin she wore tighter around herself her teeth chattering.
“Sure. You’re money is no good here.” said Pearl gesturing to her deputy.
“I like the sound of that.” said Sally.
“What brings you here?” asked Pearl.
“We’re just passing through.” said Moira.

The posse went up into the foothills slogging through the snow up to the Great Tree Spirt Tacheene. They heard wooden wind chimes before seeing the tree.
“Who tied these?” asked Sally.
“The Crows.” said Tacheene.
“Tacheene do you have lady parts and can we stick this diamond in you?” asked Sally.
“It’s pure evil.” said Tacheene.
“How do you know?” asked Sally.
“I can feel it.” said Tacheene.
“We want to destroy it but laughs at Darkness said to throw it into the future and that seems dumb.” said Sally.
“Laughs is very wise.” said Tacheene.
“Can you hide it?” asked Sally.
“I could try. You could bury it in my roots.” said Tacheene.
“Naw. You got defeated by a preacher and a demon baby. What was I thinking?” asked Sally.
“We could take it to the Pope. he has an army.” said Moira.
“No. He’d probably just use it to molest little boys or something.” said Sally.
“Sally. the Church would know what to do with the diamond.” said Moira.
“I could find the Shaman that showed me the old ways.” said Sally.
They walked back to town debating what to do with the diamond.

The posse stayed the night at The Cry A River hotel. That night they each awoke to the same dream. A figured stood at the window backlit by moonlight. They each were in their own separate dream but when they spoke the shadow spoke to each of them at once.
“I can make your wildest wish come true if you use the diamond.” it said.
“Who are you?” asked Moira.
“They called us the Old Ones.” it said.
“Fuck off.” said Sally.
“How do I do that?” it asked.
“Well bend over and I’ll show you.” said Sally.
“I can bring back your husband.” it said.
“No.” said Moira.
“I don’t have a husband. Who are you talking to?” asked Sally.
“I can show you how to use your pendant.” it said.
“How do you know about that? Are you the ghost of the woman who killed her husband? Or the husbands ghost?” asked Bai.
“I don’t have a pendant.” said Moira.
“I could bring you back from the dead….Just a ritual and a blood sacrifice.” it said.
“No. I’m still Catholic. Mostly.” said Michael.
“Just use the diamond.” it said.
“No!” they chorused waking up.


Till Next time Pardner.

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