The Posse headed down the hall listening for footsteps. They saw a flicker of movement across a courtyard through a window. They slipped down the hallway finding Dial’s bedroom. Sally pulled a lever and Dial’s bed began to rotate. Sally jumped on the bed. with Rupert.
a circular section of floor rotated. Sally went into another room on the other side with two hallways leading off of it. The wall opened up revealing an outside balcony, a desk rotated into the room, and a darkroom came up out of the floor.
Moira rifled through the desk and found Dial’s diary. In it she admitted to poisoning her father, to kidnapping Mrs Winchester, to murdering Dr Bailey on the train, and for kidnapping Calvin and set a trap for them because she had heard that the posse had foiled her plans of murdering all the scientists at the symposium.
They pulled the lever again Sally rotated into the bathroom. A toilet and bath rotated into the room. They debated about how the pipes work and then decided to move on. They went to the door of the lab and listened. Loud noises came from in there.
Opening the door they saw two sets of metal framed glass flooring in pie slices rotating and going up and down the three floors. The second floor was a ring of stone around the edge, there was another ring above on the third floor and a stone floor below them on the first floor.
They saw Calvin and Mrs Winchester unconscious in electric chairs with countdown timers above them.
Coming into the room Ixtli saw an automaton and attacked it. Rupert threw rusting oil on it and it’s armor popped off. Sally and James ran into the room. Automaton’s fired on them from the balcony above. Rupert jumped on the automaton on the second floor and smashed it.
James and Moira fired up at the automatons on the Third floor. They fired back. Otis cast a spell and the third floor exploded killing one of the automatons.
The pie slices of floor stopped with a whine. The timer stopped as well. James grabbed Clavin and dragged him to safety. The elevator came down and the automaton came out. Sally got shot and sagged to the floor. James and Moira shot the automaton taking it down. Otis healed Sally and then went upstairs to see what happened to Dial.
They found an open safe. 1600 dollars but no Magnus heart and no Dial.
James and the posse went up to the roof and saw Dial in an autogyro off in the distance.
James sighted his rifle and fired a shot hitting the autogyro. It fell lower in the sky but recovered.
Looking down at the boathouse he saw a figure moving there. Moira and Otis went down to the boathouse to see who was there.
Sally and James talked to Calvin and Mrs Winchester.
Mrs Winchester offered to pay a reward to the posse until she saw her safe was empty. She offered to go to the bank in the morning.
An old cowboy came out of the boathouse with his hands up. Moira and Otis rode the carriage on rails down to the boathouse.
“I’m going to reach in my pockets really slowly.” he said pulling out a folded yellowed newspaper article.
Moira read it and it was dated a week from the day about the firefight they had just had.
“What is going on?” asked Moira.
“I’m from the future.” he said.
“What’s your name?” Moira.
“You can call me Pete.” he said.
Sally flew down as a hawk.
“Is that your Christian name?” asked Moira.
“I’m not really much of a Christian.” said Pete.
“You got a last name?” asked Otis.
“Well technically Pete is my last name. My first name is ’Ole.” said Pete.
“’Ole Pete Moss?” asked Otis.
“How’d you know?” asked Pete.
“How’d you travel time?” asked Moira.
“It wasn’t easy.” said Pete.
“Why?” asked Sally.
“I heard you needed a submarine pilot.” said Pete.
“Who told you that?” asked Sally.
“Kevin Smith.” said Pete.
“We want the same things. You’all want the diamond and I want to get Stone out of prison.” said Pete.
“The diamond is in the prison?’ asked Moira.
“That’s what I heard. Also we don’t have a lot of time.” said Pete.
“I knew it. I Knew Grimme was going to summon Demons. I told you.” said Sally.
“Let’s get some sleep and then head out in the morning.” said Moira.

Till next time Pardner…

3 experience
$1600 total or $400 each.



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