Fairwell Sweet Otis

Blood Sharks and prison riots




The posse sat on the rocks outside the sewer pipe waiting for Ixtli to come back. Sally suddenly looked up and said i feel like I have been sleepwalking through this prison. The posse reminded Sally of what they had done so far.
“We could swim and I’ll use my shamanic powers to ward off sharks and conceal us.” said Sally.
“Have you ever swam with blood Sharks? It ain’t pretty. They are much worse than regular sharks.” said Otis.
“Right. I’ll turn into a bird and fly to one of the patrol boats. You guys take out the generator and start a prison riot”
James trained his rifle on the boat.
Sally dropped a glass jar on the boat. It shattered releasing sleep gas. One of the guards fell in the water and was eaten by a shark. Another inhaled too much of the gas and died. James took a bundle of dynamite and a long fuse from Otis and placed it by the generator. he lit the fuse and ran. Sally piloted the boat over to the rest of the posse as a large explosion from the ghost rock boiler blew out the wall. All the lights at the prison went out. Screaming and yelling came from the prison followed by gunshots.
They piled in the boat and headed for shore. they saw a boat coming towards the prison the shore. James looked in his scope and saw Ixtli and Calvin. They stopped for them and let them board. They went to the warehouse and found a familiar flying machine. Otis pulled a part off and gave it to Rupert to put in his backpack.
They walked through town and saw a herd of people headed to the Cathedral.
Stashing their rifles on a nearby rooftop they went to the line.
“I have a powerful need to get good seats for this sermon. Can you skip me forward in this line?” asked Sally.
They posse got seats in one of the middle pews. Sally excused herself and told an Angel (the LA police force) acting as an usher that Rupert was her mother in law and needed to pee. The usher directed her to the rest room. Sally instructed Rupert in the finer art of rufying people and gave him a chloroform soaked rag. Walking back out she flirted with the guard while Rupert walked behind him. While the guard was distracted Rupert grabbed the guard from behind and covered his mouth with the rag. They dragged the guard into the bathroom and took their badge.
Sally went back out into the nave as Father Grimme began to preach something about “the coming storm,” “standing firm against the damned,” and “the very gates of Perdition being cast open.” It didn’t make much sense, but it didn’t sound good either. About 2,000 people lined the pews in front of Grimme. They all stood as if mesmerized, hanging onto his every word.
Sally shot Grimme winging him but he didn’t stop preaching. James stood up and took a shot hitting Grimme in the chest. He paused his sermon. People screamed and some stood. Moira shot him as well and Michael (her undead husband) tried but missed.
Otis put a device on Ixtli’s wrist and she pressed the button. She disappeared for a second and then reappeared staggering into some church goers.
Grimme’s voice reached a fever pitch, and it rang out impossibly loud in the hall. “For the forces of Hell are arrayed against us, my brethren. God save and protect we poor sinners! Amen!” The assembled crowd speaks as one, echoing the words of their holy leader. “Amen!“ some resounded, and there was silence for a second afterward as the last syllable of the word died.
All of a sudden, the stained glass rosette window above and behind Grimme shattered inward as a massive form slammed through and landed on the ground behind Grimme, its wings spread wide. It is a vision right out of the Book of Revelation.
The demon-for what else could it possibly be?-Stood about 15 feet tall at the shoulder,
with a 20-foot wingspan. Its skin is a deep, red color, and its massive hands ended in sharp, black claws. Horns sprout from each side of its head, and the demon’s mouth was a mass of razor-sharp teeth. The cloven hooves of its feet struck sparks off the stone floor of the church as it landed.
“You called and I answered.” the thing roared in a deep, booming voice, Grimme whirled to face the thing, a strange warm glow beginning to surround his body. A look of determined rage flashed on his face.
Otis took the device back from Ixtli and teleported next to Grimme.
“Adios M-Fer!” said Otis lighitng hte fuse to his suicide vest. Otis’ vest filled with dynamite he had been carrying for months his pockets loaded with ghost rock exploded blowing the demon in bits out of the church. Knocking back Grimme, vaporizing the front row and sending them flying as shrapnel into the second row of pews. As the smoke cleared his shoes spun to a stop.
Through the window rays of sunshine broke as the clouds dissipated. The oppressive weight of evil lessened somewhat but still lingered.

Until next time pardners…

3 experience
Sally $5 rooting in unconscious men’s pockets
1 important gyrocopter part



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